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These Social Media Apps Are Causing Trouble In Schools

The Huffington Post – Staff Writer

“How certain apps become popular with kids is a bit of a mystery. The best ones mix all the stuff tweens and teens love ― gossiping, hanging out, clowning around, and meeting other kids ― with an X factor that makes them go viral. Once an app gains critical mass (like, when every kid in school is on it), that’s when the real fun begins. But that’s where things can go wrong, too.”(more)

How 1 Nonprofit Is Trying to Get Kids Excited About Computer Science & Closing Cybersecurity Skills Gap

The 74 Million – Tim Newcomb

“The business world has worked to make Americans aware of the need for STEM-educated students to meet rising demands on the nation’s workforce. But there’s another mounting issue at stake: national security. Both the U.S. government and major corporations have a dire need for additional computer science experts capable of staving off cyberattacks. And a recent global survey of 19,000 information security experts suggests this lack of skilled workers is about to get a whole lot worse.”(more)

Hackers, beware! Girl Scouts to offer cybersecurity badges

USA Today – Carolyn McAtee Cerbin

“Need a cybersecurity expert? Never fear, qualified Girl Scouts are here. Or at least they will be. Girl Scouts of the USA and Palo Alto Networks has announced a collaboration to introduce a series of 18 cybersecurity badges for girls K-12. The badges, which will help Scouts explore opportunities in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) while building leadership skills, will be available to earn beginning in September 2018. Badges, of course, are the insignia Girl Scouts — now 1.8 million strong — display on their tunics, vests and sashes.”(more)

Cybersecurity industry hopes women will help fill 1.8 million jobs

The Denver Post – Tamara Chuang

“The cybersecurity world is scrambling to find qualified workers to fill an expected 1.8 million positions by 2022, according to a Frost & Sullivan report. But the pool of applicants might be larger than previously believed, because there’s growing realization by cybersecurity experts that a diverse team is better prepared to identify and counteract known and unknown threats. By attracting nontraditional employees — women and people from nontechnical backgrounds — the industry hopes to fill open seats and take advantage of different perspectives.”(more)

Closing The Cybersecurity Skills Gap With STEM

Dark Reading – Kyle Martin

“As a nation, we should be doing more to promote educational programs that prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s jobs. The growing number of cybersecurity threats and attacks expose the importance of engaging students in hands-on learning. Not only are cybersecurity threats increasing, they’re also becoming significantly more complicated. Unfortunately, the number of skilled cybersecurity professionals isn’t keeping up. According to a report from Intel Security and the Center for Strategic and International Studies, 209,000 U.S. cybersecurity jobs went unfilled in 2015.”(more)

Cyberbullying is NOT a technology issue-here’s how to really combat it.

E-School News – Reginald Corbitt

“Cyberbullying continues to grow and present itself as a huge challenge for schools, government policy makers, stakeholders, parents and the community—but is regulating access to technology and social media the answer? Though the online platforms may be relatively new, cyberbullying should not be separated from bullying. Both behaviors are about relationship power and control, otherwise known as “relational bullying;” therefore, it requires a relationship management-based type of approach in dealing with its impact and prevention.”(more)