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Are State Arts Education Policies Working?

Education Week – Liana Heitin

“Just because a state has a law requiring arts instruction doesn’t mean students are actually getting it, according to education experts…California has a law mandating that schools teach dance, visual arts, music, and theater to all 1st through 6th grade students…Eighty-seven percent of elementary schools are in violation of that law…” (more)

Music, dancing may help your baby develop social skills

The Health Site – Staff Writer

“Researchers at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada have found that bouncing to a musical beat in time with others could instill helpfulness in babies…lead author and doctoral student Laura Cirelli believes that singing, clapping and dancing in time to music should be an essential part of developmental learning.” (more)

Where Does Dance Live In Our Society?

The Huffington Post – Nancy Ng

“Current research provides evidence that dance supports empathy, problem-solving, curiosity, and physical development. These are all attributes needed to thrive in our 21st century culture. Dance cultivates the body, mind and soul…Yet…only .3 percent of children in our state [California] are enrolled in a school-based dance course.”(more)