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Can Schools Commit Malpractice? It Depends

Education Next – Mark Dynarski

“Recently seven students attending public schools in Detroit sued the state of Michigan in a Federal district court. Shortages of materials, not having skilled teachers, and poor conditions of their school buildings had deprived them of access to literacy, which, they argued, is essential in order to enjoy the other rights enumerated in the Constitution. From a research perspective, the case is interesting because the students (their law firm, at least) argued explicitly that evidence-based literacy programs are available and codified by the Institute of Education Sciences’ ‘What Works Clearinghouse,’ and, indeed, the suit names various reading programs supported by evidence that the state of Michigan did not use in Detroit schools.” (more)

Can Big Data Change a Wicked School Truancy Problem?

Ed Surge – Tiffany Wycoff

“The Brightmoor neighborhood in the western edge of Detroit—ravaged by poverty and gang violence, riddled with abandoned homes and boarded-up schools, and lacking public transportation options—has no shortage of wicked problems that exasperate chronic absenteeism in its schools. In fact, there is only one high school, Detroit Community Schools, a charter school, left in the area after other district-run campuses were shut down or abandoned.” (more)

U of Michigan after-school program delivers STEM skills to Detroit students

Education Dive – Pat Donachie

“Higher ed institutions and universities are increasingly considering K-12 career and technical education, particularly in STEM fields, a worthy investment to try and create experienced students engaged in career tracks that will likely see a growing gap between open positions and qualified applicants. Earlier this year, the University of Texas at San Antonio announced a partnership with the local school district, as well as local tech companies, to build a new high school focused on coding, cybersecurity and business skills.”(more)

GM partners with 4 groups to boost STEM education

The Detroit News – Melissa Burden

“General Motors Co. has partnered with four new organizations as part of its emerging corporate giving plan that includes a focus on encouraging young people to explore science, technology, engineering and math related professions. The Detroit automaker said Wednesday that it has established new partnerships with, Black Girls Code, Institute of Play and Digital Promise. GM says with, it will help train 1,400 computer science teachers who will teach more than 40,000 U.S. students during the 2017-18 school year. GM will help Black Girls Code, which aims to boost the number of minority women in tech careers, to expose underrepresented girls in the Detroit area to coding and technology.”(more)

The Extreme Sacrifice Detroit Parents Make to Access Better Schools

The Atlantic – Erin Einhorn

“For thousands of Detroit families, the daily trek begins in darkness, before dawn. Myesha Williams, a mother of eight on Detroit’s west side, sets out at 7 a.m. to deliver her three school-aged sons to three different schools on opposite ends of the city—and she considers herself lucky. She has a car and a large family that can help share the driving. Total daily journey: up to 93.5 miles, 3 hours. Monique Johnson starts her trek even earlier, just after 6 a.m. when she and her son Shownn, a 13-year-old eighth-grader, catch a ride to a bus stop eight blocks from their home in the city’s Brightmoor neighborhood. There are closer stops, Johnson said, but they’re pitch black at that hour—and dangerous.”(more)

Michigan Girl Power Fuels High School Robotics Growth

The U.S. News and World Report – Lori Higgins

“As the state’s wildly popular robotics season kicks off this month, organizers are noticing a welcome trend: More girls are joining teams and more are taking on leadership roles. That’s key in a state that has invested heavily in boosting education in STEM – science, technology, engineering and math – and where there are many efforts under way to get girls into those fields. Michigan has excelled in robotics, the so-called sport of the mind. The state has 411 teams, far more than the second-highest state of California, which has 258 teams. And Michigan teams have a track record of excelling at the world finals, the Detroit Free Press ( reported.”(more)