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Teachers may not be so hot on students’ use of digital devices for learning

E-School News – Laura Ascione

“Close to half of teachers (42 percent) in a Gallup poll say they think digital devices have a “mostly helpful” impact on students’ education, but they have less positive views of devices’ impact on physical and mental health. Thirty percent of teachers in the March 5-12 poll say digital devices are neither helpful nor harmful to students’ education, and 28 percent say devices are mostly harmful.” (more)

Streaming Platforms Show Promise—And Risks—For Developing Literacy In Preschoolers

Ed Surge – Jenny Abamu

“Some people will testify that they learned new languages fluently simply by sitting in front of a screen and streaming. One person on a Duolingo forum noted after six months of watching Turkish soap operas that she could conversationally speak the language. According to new research coming out of New York University, that may be a possibility for preschoolers.” (more)

How to help your students build digital fluency

E-School News – Jamie Knowles

“One of the many decisions we make as teachers is how to approach technology in a balanced way. The digital world is our students’ world, and tech has the potential to engage and inspire them. But we also want to avoid contributing to digital distraction. One approach to finding this balance is to thoughtfully integrate tech into the culture of our class. By infusing it into the routines and practices that we and our students regularly engage in, students develop digital fluency: a broad set of skills related to tech use.” (more)

Is your child ready for a smartphone?

Medical X-Press – Julie Davis

“When is it appropriate to give kids a cellphone? That depends on factors like their maturity level, their ability to follow rules at home and school, and your family’s circumstances, including health and safety issues. For instance, if both parents work outside the home, it’s easier to check in with a child during the day if he or she has a phone.”(more)

How Parents Can Help Kids Navigate the Pressures of Their Digital Lives

KQED News Mind/Shift – Leah Shafer

“As adults witness the rising tides of teenaged anxiety, it’s tough not to notice a common thread that runs through the epidemic — something that past generations never dealt with. Clutched in the hand of nearly every teen is a smartphone, buzzing and beeping and blinking with social media notifications. Parents, all too often, just want to grab their teen’s phone and stuff it in a drawer. But is social media and the omnipresence of digital interactions really the cause of all this anxiety? The short answer is: It’s complicated.”(more)

The Possibilities for Tech (and Screentime) in the Preschool Classroom

Ed Surge – Sara DeWitt

“We’re a military family, which means my five-year-old has already lived in four states. By my calculation, he has experienced seven different daycare, preschool and elementary school classrooms. While the classrooms centers, teacher ratios and playground equipment may be different, every center but one made the same comment to us during registration: “And, of course, we don’t do any screen time.” Kids live in a world where they see technology all around them. For better or worse, the adults in their lives are using it all the time. I love that preschool classrooms are often a place where children dive into the hands-on experiences of building, touching surfaces, singing songs and stomping their feet, but do they have to be completely guarded from technology? I would argue that preschool is a place where we can thoughtfully introduce technology and, more importantly, model appropriate and informed uses of digital platforms.”(more)