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8 essential qualities of a digital literacy curriculum

E-School News – Jeff Meyer

“Before discussing building, purchasing or creating a digital literacy curriculum, we decided to devise a set of essential qualities that we felt would be helpful to evaluate potential digital-literacy curriculum options. Ultimately, with the help of other schools and districts, we decided to focus upon these eight themes:” (more)

It’s never too early to start teaching digital citizenship skills

Education Dive – Lauren Barack

“Social media is a powerful digital medium today, and students will be expected to be fluent with these tools, including how to use them ethically, at some point in their lives. Whether they choose to engage, developing the skills to not just to navigate these online spaces, but to be able to make decisions and craft judgments that are safe, is key.” (more)

Is your teen online a lot? Study finds mild link between ADHD and digital media use

USA Today – Ryan Suppe

“Teenagers who frequently use digital media are more likely to develop attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, according to a new study. In 2014, scientists at the University of Southern California embarked on a two-year study to discover whether the amount and frequency of digital media usage among teens was associated with the occurrence of ADHD.” (more)

How To Bring Digital Transformation To Education

Forbes – Ashish Deshpande

“University and K-12 chief information officers (CIOs) are increasingly aware of the urgency and power of digital transformation. There is a wide untapped opportunity to maximize efficiency, collaboration and reduce cost and errors in your operations. In this article, I’ll showcase how a series of small steps can help bring about digital transformation.” (more)

Teachers may not be so hot on students’ use of digital devices for learning

E-School News – Laura Ascione

“Close to half of teachers (42 percent) in a Gallup poll say they think digital devices have a “mostly helpful” impact on students’ education, but they have less positive views of devices’ impact on physical and mental health. Thirty percent of teachers in the March 5-12 poll say digital devices are neither helpful nor harmful to students’ education, and 28 percent say devices are mostly harmful.” (more)

Streaming Platforms Show Promise—And Risks—For Developing Literacy In Preschoolers

Ed Surge – Jenny Abamu

“Some people will testify that they learned new languages fluently simply by sitting in front of a screen and streaming. One person on a Duolingo forum noted after six months of watching Turkish soap operas that she could conversationally speak the language. According to new research coming out of New York University, that may be a possibility for preschoolers.” (more)