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Public Funding for Private Schools — How Can I Ask Parents to Accept Less than I’d Want For My Kids?

The Huffington Post – Michelle Rhee

“I think in the long run, our school system should include a mix of high-quality traditional public schools, successful public charter schools and private schools attended by some low-income children who receive publicly funded scholarships. I believe that kind of mix will create the right opportunities and choices to serve our kids well and push our educational system toward becoming what we want and need it to be.”(more)

Opponents of DC School Voucher Program Can’t Get Facts Straight

The Foundry – Rachel Sheffield

“In a sweeping victory for school choice, a bill to reauthorize and expand the successful D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program (DCOSP) passed in the U.S. House last Wednesday. During what turned out to be an at times intense debate on the House floor prior to the vote, legislators spoke passionately about the DCOSP.”(more)

Admission waitlists growing at many colleges

The Washington Post – Jenna Johnson

“This was a difficult year to get into many of the country’s top universities — perhaps the most difficult year ever. Admissions office after admissions office reported record numbers of applications, and acceptance rates continue to decline at many universities.”(more)

Testing Anomalies Found in Many States

U.S. News & World Report – Jason Koebler

“While a few erased answers can occur because a student made a mistake or reviewed answers at the end of a test, the chance of that many erasures happening naturally is low. “The odds are better for winning the Powerball grand prize than having that many erasures by chance.”(more)

Saving Money Through School Choice

The Foundry – Lindsey Burke

“Providing school choice to children living in the nation’s capital should be a priority for any lawmaker who cares about equality of opportunity, parental empowerment, and increasing education outcomes. The icing on the cake of the DCOSP is that it’s a fiscally responsible plan to accomplish those goals.”(more)

Obama team opposes Boehner’s school vouchers bill

USA Today – Catalina Camia

“The Obama administration “strongly opposes” a bill championed by House Speaker John Boehner that would revive and expand vouchers for low-income students in the District of Columbia.” (more)