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Parent involvement in early years grows with help from community groups

Ed Source – Ashley Hopkinson

“In recognition of the importance of involving parents in their child’s education as early as possible, community-based organizations in California have developed a range of strategies to increase parent engagement long before a child enters kindergarten.” (more)

Skills your child needs to know before kindergarten

The Montgomery Herald – Staff Writer

“Kindergarten is supposed to be fun and educational, and allow children an opportunity to blossom because it is usually the first time the tykes are away from their parents for any significant amount of time. And while most kindergartens don’t exactly have GPA requirements, for a child to succeed there are a few milestones that should be reached before they toddle through the door, says Alise McGregor…” (more)

Most kindergarten students not ready for school, state study says

The State Journal-Register – Brenden Moore

“Less than a quarter of Illinois children were fully prepared to enter kindergarten in 2017, a study released Monday by the state board of education revealed. The study, known as the Kindergarten Individual Development Survey (KIDS), is a first-ever snapshot of kindergarten readiness in the state. Its findings are based on teacher observations of students’ skills, knowledge and behaviors in three key development areas over the first 40 days of the school year.” (more)

Accountability for Early Education — A Different Approach and Some Positive Signs

Education Next – Susanna Loeb

“Early childhood education in the United States is tangle of options—varying in quality, price, structure, and a range of other dimensions. In part as a result, children start kindergarten having had very different experiences in care and very different opportunities to develop the skills and dispositions that will serve them well during school. Systematic differences across groups by income, race, ethnicity, home language, and geographic location are particularly troubling because inequalities that appear early are often sustained through school and affect prospects throughout life.” (more)

STEM Starts Earlier Than You Think

Forbes – Talia Milgrom-Elcott

“Imagine your first job was teaching people to read and write a new language, master symbolic reasoning and engage in complex group dynamics. Now throw in tying shoe-laces and remembering to wash hands after going to the bathroom. Welcome to the life of an elementary-school teacher. Does it sound daunting? It is, and rightfully so. Teaching the next generation of leaders and citizens is arguably the most important work anyone does. But it’s harder than it has to be. Here are some impediments standing in the way of robust early education, particularly in science, technology, engineering and math (or STEM), that we can and should clear away.” (more)

Big Bird and Elmo are taking Sesame Street into the classroom

The Christian Science Monitor – Sally Ho

“Sesame Street is taking its beloved, critically acclaimed brand of educational television into the highly profitable world of classroom curriculum – a move that experts say could open the door for other companies to move into the sensitive learning space with possible influence on children. Sesame Workshop, the company behind Big Bird and Elmo, and McGraw-Hill Education, a billion-dollar for-profit company known for school textbooks, announced their partnership Thursday. Both declined to disclose the financial terms for their new line of classroom instructional materials.” (more)