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Why Education Savings Accounts Are the Path to Student Success

The Daily Signal – Collen Hroncich

“Education savings accounts are a new, groundbreaking effort to provide more educational opportunities to students throughout the country. These are private savings accounts that parents can control and use to pay for their children’s educational expenses. How it works: The state deposits a portion of the money it would have otherwise spent on the child’s education into the account, which parents can then use for tuition at any private school, for educational materials, tutoring, online classes, and more.”(more)

School Choice Boosts Test Scores

Education Next – Patrick J. Wolf

“Private school choice remains a controversial education reform. Choice programs, involving school vouchers, tax-credit scholarships, or Education Savings Accounts (ESAs), provide financial support to families who wish to access private schooling for their child…there are now 50 private school choice programs in 26 states plus the District of Columbia…But does it work?…The sum of the reliable evidence indicates that, on average, private school choice increases the reading scores of choice users by about 0.27 standard deviations and their math scores by 0.15 standard deviations. These are highly statistically significant, educationally meaningful achievement gains of several months of additional learning from school choice.”(more)

PM denies Gonski-style education funding off the table for 2018

News Corp Australia Network- KARA VICKERY

“PRIME Minister Malcolm Turnbull says now is not the time for a “political stoush” over education funding, in the wake of claims his government is backing away from Labor’s Gonski plan.Responding to a Fairfax report, Mr Turnbull said education funding post 2017 was “still a matter for discussion between the Federal Government and the states”.The report, based on an interview with the Education Minister, was also hosed down by Mr Birmingham in a statement released on Tuesday morning.“This is not a time for a political stoush about this,” Mr Turnbull said.”(more)

Nevada’s Education Savings Account Program Facing Second Lawsuit

Education News – Grace Smith

“Nevada’s new Education Savings Account (ESA) is coming under attack again, with the group Educate Nevada Now suing the state on the basis that they believe the program is unconstitutional. The ESA gives parents the opportunity to use state funds to assist them in paying for their child’s private school tuition or a host of other education-related expenses. Stephanie Eisenberg of KLAS-TV says Educate Nevada Now has stated that public school funds should be used on public education.”(more)

School Choice And Nevada’s Revolutionary Education Savings Accounts

Forbes – Jon Hartley

“The late University of Chicago economist Milton Friedman famously observed that the United States ranks first in higher education across the globe while in terms of elementary and secondary education, however, the U.S. ranks near the bottom. The disparity stems mostly from choice. In higher education, Milton Friedman argued that the student chooses the school. The elementary and secondary school system is grounded on the school picking its students. Embodied in the continued work of the Friedman Foundation For Educational Choice, Professor Friedman’s support for school voucher programs was taken one step further as Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval made history earlier this month by establishing the first universal education savings accounts. The mechanism allows Nevada students that have been enrolled in public school for at least 100 days, meeting this eligibility requirement will allow parents that remove their children from an assigned district to use the educational savings fund dollars for their desired educational purposes.”(more)

ESAs Aren’t for Everyone

Education Next – Michael J. Petrilli

“Perhaps you’ve been on vacation or caught up in the historic events of recent weeks, but over the past ten days, we at the Thomas B. Fordham Institute hosted our second annual Wonkathon. Last year’s was about charter school quality; this year’s focused on how to implement the brand-new (and groundbreaking) Nevada education savings account program. (Congratulations to Seth Rau of Nevada Succeeds, the winner of the Wonkathon, who both seized his home field advantage and proved that when it comes to using similes, you’d better go big or go home.) As Jason Bedrick of the Cato Institute rightly concluded, our blogfest demonstrated remarkable consensus, at least among the scholars, policy analysts, and practitioners who participated. Nobody wants Nevada to micromanage the program; everyone understands—and wants regulators to address—the risk of financial malfeasance. Most agreed that making educational providers assess their results with a nationally norm-referenced test was a reasonable approach.”(more)