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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Children benefit from learning multiple languages

The Tallahassee Democrat – Ty Pittman

“Students who are educated in the U.S. typically need some type of foreign language credit in order to graduate from high school. There is beauty in learning another language and being able to communicate effectively with native speakers of that language.” (more)

Can Project-Based Learning Close Gaps in Science Education?

Mind Shift – Ingfei Chen

“Putting kids to work on meaningful projects can transform classrooms into beehives of inquiry and discovery, but relatively few rigorous studies have examined how well this teaching method actually works. An encouraging new report describes preliminary, first-year outcomes from a study of 3,000 middle school students that shows kids can, in fact, learn more in science classrooms that adopt a well-designed, project-focused curriculum.” (more)

Kids And Screen Time: Cutting Through The Static

NPR – Cory Turner

“We’ve heard the arguments, the warnings, the prescriptions. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that kids’ entertainment screen time be limited “to less than one or two hours per day.” And for kids under 2: none at all.” (more)

Blended learning and the paradox of the experienced teacher

E-School News – Peter West

“The move to blended learning can be threatening, even for good teachers. Being aware of their possible concerns is vital for those leading change in organizations.” (more)

Understanding math is the first step to learning math

The Examiner – Richard A. Carranza

“Contrary to popular belief, there is a massive body of research that indicates math is not about memorization or learning lots of rules. There is no such thing as “math people” or “nonmath people.” (more)

How Can We Make Teaching a Career We Want for Our Kids?

The Huffington Post – Holly Kragthorpe

“I am a 14-year veteran public school teacher, and every year I’ve spent in the classroom has only confirmed that I have one of the most important and rewarding jobs in the world. Each day, I have the honor to teach curious and bright seventh-graders, and to encourage them to believe that, with hard work, they can succeed at whatever they set their minds to.” (more)

Tooth decay affects 12% of three-year-olds, says survey

BBC – Staff Writer

“More than one in 10 three-year-olds have tooth decay, the first survey of the age group shows.” (more)

North Carolina’s New Voucher Program Already Improving Lives of Students

Education News – Robert Enlow

“That all changed when the North Carolina Legislature adopted the Opportunity Scholarship Program in 2013. After the program was delayed several times, Ms. Hare’s dream finally came true. She obtained a scholarship for Christian to attend a private school this year.” (more)

Hold Students Accountable and Support Them

Education Next – Richard D. Kahlenberg

“When Congress passed the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) in 2001, the then-distant date of 2014 was the point at which we would reach educational nirvana and 100 percent of American students would be proficient in math and reading.” (more)

Diplomas Must Recognize College and Career Readiness

Education Next – Sandy Kress

“States should adopt a two-tiered diploma system, in which students who have demonstrated college and career readiness receive a “diploma plus” and other graduating high-school students receive a diploma of the sort typically granted today.” (more)