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The 2 stages of successful early STEM education revisited

E-School News – Kristen Fudale

“I have been in education for 18 years and my strongest belief is that all children deserve a fresh start when they begin each school year. My classroom is a safe environment where students feel it’s acceptable to try, even if they’re not going to be successful the first time–and that certainly applies to STEM education.” (more)

OPINION: Schools should teach a second language in elementary school

The Technician Online – Destry Adams

“Why should we learn a second language in elementary school, as opposed to in high school or college? Well, a child’s brain has higher neuroplasticity than an adult brain, meaning that a child is more susceptible to forming or deleting neural connections, which makes it easier for them to learn a second language. The skills they learn will then be able to help them throughout life and allow them to better adapt to college or finding a job. So how should we implement it in the public education system?” (more)

The play’s the thing for elementary ed

District Administration – Lori Keorner

“Play is not a luxury; it is a necessity. In many districts across the United States, recess in elementary school is being questioned, reduced and even eliminated to increase instructional time. The assumption behind this is that Common Core has placed more pressure on teachers and students to score better in the classroom. There has been little research that has proven that more time in the classroom, and less time at recess, equals better academic outcomes for children.” (more)

The New Librarian: How to set up a Global Citizens program

E-School News – Margaret Cole

“At Tudor Elementary School in Anchorage, Alaska, “show and tell” has an inspiring twist. Instead of sharing an interesting rock or a favorite toy, they are sharing messages of peace and personal commitment to making the world a better place. And, through live video conferencing, they’re sharing their messages with students in Argentina, Pakistan, Brazil, Canada, and the United States, as well as locations throughout Europe, Africa, and Asia.” (more)

Reading Buddies

Edutopia – Ryan Wheeler

“Peer mentoring is a powerful, underused tool in schools. One study suggests that partnering with higher achieving peers can have a positive influence on a student’s learning, and students who are older, more capable readers can be these peers for young students. With this in mind, I have used a practice called Reading Buddies in elementary schools to great effect.” (more)