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Children are showing the kind of entrepreneurial spirit we mustn’t ignore

The Guardian – Sarah Willingham

“I think it’s vital to teach children an understanding of good money management as soon as they start handling it themselves. Every school should teach enterprise – it is so relevant to every aspect of life. Sadly, in UK, many teachers don’t have the time, support or knowledge to discuss money management with the kids. Something else always takes priority. But it is vital to teach these skills to our children. As this research shows, our relationship with money is set as early as seven years old.”(more)

ESSA’s Flexible Accountability Measures Give PE Teachers (and Entrepreneurs) Hope

Ed Surge – Jenny Abamu

“ESSA offers states flexibility by allowing them to customize measures of school quality and choose at least one non-test based indicator (also known as the 5th indicator) to measure student success. One of the gauges states are using is Physical Education (PE). In this year’s ESSA draft plans, Connecticut and Vermont both added PE as an indicator, paving the way for more funding and opening doors for external vendors.”(more)

“Shark Tank” in the Classroom

The Huffington Post – John M. Eger

“The formula seems simple. It’s having a class -divided into groups-brainstorm the best way, indeed all the ways, to tackle Innovations in new media including apps for the smart phone etc. Shark Tank in the classroom is the brainchild of Dr. Noah Arceneaux who has been teaching a course on “Creative Uses of Emerging Media” for a number of years but decided to have the students explore ideas for new innovations; and then, after a period on research, interviews and contemplation, have them present their business plans in writing and defend them orally where the best will be chosen.”(more)

4 Reasons Entrepreneurs Should Learn Another Language

Entrepreneur – Ben Simkin

“Today, emotional intelligence (EI) is viewed by HR departments as a critical skill. In addition to making you a better communicator, problem solver and team player, emotional intelligence allows you to step into other peoples’ shoes and walk a few miles. This, of course, is critical for entrepreneurs and innovators. In order for entrepreneurs to be effective and compassionate, they need to have a demonstrable history of well-rounded thought. According to Sean Hopwood, President of Day Translations, the best way to develop this is to learn a new language. Hopwood would know since he speaks seven languages and has mastered the intricacies therein.”(more)

Here’s how invention and entrepreneurship fit into STEM education

E-School News – Laura Devaney

“A movement to instill invention, innovation and entrepreneurial skills in today’s students is growing across the nation. The STEMIE Coalition aims to impact youth invention and entrepreneurship by acting as an umbrella organization for 600 K-12 youth groups across the U.S. and sharing best practices, evaluating programs and offering national data around invention and entrepreneurship efforts. It emerged from the principles of the Connecticut Invention Convention, which was founded to instill in Connecticut’s children critical-thinking and problem-solving skills through invention and innovation.”(more)

How Classroom Culture Opens Up When Students Can ‘Patent’ Ideas

KQED News Mind/Shift – Katrina Schwartz

“Building a catapult that can hit a target at one, three and five meters is a core project of Ben Smith’s engineering class. When the project is assigned, groups get to work inventing a mechanism that will meet the objectives, often coming up with ingenious ideas. But when Smith noticed his students were increasingly asking to work in the hall, he realized they were trying to protect their ideas. If one person solved a tricky issue, other students would just copy her. So Smith decided to introduce a patent system in his classroom. “We want kids to be collegial, but we also want to reward kids who have a good idea,” Smith said. Smith has been teaching for 27 years in the same room at Red Lion Area Senior High School in Pennsylvania and has earned a reputation as a hard, but fair teacher. He says when he introduced the patent system five or six years ago, it reinforced a culture of entrepreneurism, where students expect as much from themselves as Smith does.”(more)