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The Most Useful Language For An Entrepreneur To Learn Is Not What You Would Expect

D’Marge – James Booth

“We all wished for superpowers when we were kids—but no-one begged Santa for a French grammar textbook. However, in today’s globalised world, languages are more important than ever. Of course it’s possible to get through your whole career without learning even a, “hola”, but your options are far more limited, and the skills section of your CV far less enticing without a second language.” (more)

Finding Entrepreneurial Solutions To The Career Education Pipeline Problem

Forbes – Derek Newton

“Many colleges and universities don’t make much effort to teach skills that can land someone a well-paying job, without the four-year degree. Preparing students for careers in electronics, medical support, coding and data, IT, manufacturing, infrastructure and trades, as examples, has often been left to others. That hands-off approach to career training has created a confusing patchwork of for-profit career schools, community colleges with varying degrees of attention to career education, job-sponsored training programs, apprenticeships and other approaches.” (more)

How to turn students into entrepreneurs

E-School News – Jenny Kaslin

“At Gridley High School in California, we’ve built a self-sustaining floral design program that teaches students valuable career skills and gives them a chance to earn industry certification, which is endorsed by the Benz School of Floral Design and delivered through online curriculum provider iCEV. What’s more, we support the program through a student-run floral business in which program participants are also learning important entrepreneurial skills.” (more)

Why Aspiring Entrepreneurs Should Put Their Education First

Forbes – William Arruda

“There is a growing misconception that higher education is not needed for — and may even inhibit — entrepreneurial success. Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and Bill Gates have shown that you do not need a diploma to succeed in your business, but they are well-known outliers in a sea of college-educated founders. A Kauffman Foundation study revealed that over 90 percent of American tech company founders hold a bachelor’s degree, and those with MBAs are able to start and build their companies faster.” (more)

Innovative education programs key to future job markets, experts say

The Toronto Star – Brandie Weikle

“There’s a lot of teeth gnashing these days about how our kids aren’t going to be equipped for the workforce of the future. Should they all learn to code? Should they get a jump-start on the entrepreneurial life with lemonade stands and dog walking? The world of work is changing and schools have an important role to play in preparing our kids for a future that we can’t really even fully comprehend. But a growing chorus of experts says most schools aren’t adapting their teaching methods quickly enough to turn out the kind of workers we need.” (more)

4 Top Languages Global-Minded Entrepreneurs Should Know

The Huffington Post – Ryan McMunn

“Whether you’re a native, immigrant or expat, it is extremely challenging to become a global entrepreneur without having learned a relevant foreign language. Communicating with key stakeholders such as clients, business partners and your staff in their local tongue will give you a competitive edge in today’s global economy. As a bilingual entrepreneur, you are bound to increase your earning potential and lead your business and employees towards international expansion.”(more)