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Why Aspiring Entrepreneurs Should Put Their Education First

Forbes – William Arruda

“There is a growing misconception that higher education is not needed for — and may even inhibit — entrepreneurial success. Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and Bill Gates have shown that you do not need a diploma to succeed in your business, but they are well-known outliers in a sea of college-educated founders. A Kauffman Foundation study revealed that over 90 percent of American tech company founders hold a bachelor’s degree, and those with MBAs are able to start and build their companies faster.” (more)

Innovative education programs key to future job markets, experts say

The Toronto Star – Brandie Weikle

“There’s a lot of teeth gnashing these days about how our kids aren’t going to be equipped for the workforce of the future. Should they all learn to code? Should they get a jump-start on the entrepreneurial life with lemonade stands and dog walking? The world of work is changing and schools have an important role to play in preparing our kids for a future that we can’t really even fully comprehend. But a growing chorus of experts says most schools aren’t adapting their teaching methods quickly enough to turn out the kind of workers we need.” (more)

4 Top Languages Global-Minded Entrepreneurs Should Know

The Huffington Post – Ryan McMunn

“Whether you’re a native, immigrant or expat, it is extremely challenging to become a global entrepreneur without having learned a relevant foreign language. Communicating with key stakeholders such as clients, business partners and your staff in their local tongue will give you a competitive edge in today’s global economy. As a bilingual entrepreneur, you are bound to increase your earning potential and lead your business and employees towards international expansion.”(more)

Children are showing the kind of entrepreneurial spirit we mustn’t ignore

The Guardian – Sarah Willingham

“I think it’s vital to teach children an understanding of good money management as soon as they start handling it themselves. Every school should teach enterprise – it is so relevant to every aspect of life. Sadly, in UK, many teachers don’t have the time, support or knowledge to discuss money management with the kids. Something else always takes priority. But it is vital to teach these skills to our children. As this research shows, our relationship with money is set as early as seven years old.”(more)

ESSA’s Flexible Accountability Measures Give PE Teachers (and Entrepreneurs) Hope

Ed Surge – Jenny Abamu

“ESSA offers states flexibility by allowing them to customize measures of school quality and choose at least one non-test based indicator (also known as the 5th indicator) to measure student success. One of the gauges states are using is Physical Education (PE). In this year’s ESSA draft plans, Connecticut and Vermont both added PE as an indicator, paving the way for more funding and opening doors for external vendors.”(more)

“Shark Tank” in the Classroom

The Huffington Post – John M. Eger

“The formula seems simple. It’s having a class -divided into groups-brainstorm the best way, indeed all the ways, to tackle Innovations in new media including apps for the smart phone etc. Shark Tank in the classroom is the brainchild of Dr. Noah Arceneaux who has been teaching a course on “Creative Uses of Emerging Media” for a number of years but decided to have the students explore ideas for new innovations; and then, after a period on research, interviews and contemplation, have them present their business plans in writing and defend them orally where the best will be chosen.”(more)