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Further Research Finds Lack of Teacher Diversity Negatively Impacts Minority Students

Education World – Nicole Gorman

“Research from two Vanderbilt University researchers has expanded on the fact that a lack of teacher diversity could be significantly disadvantaging minority students. After studying more than 10,000 elementary-school students with a gifted program in their schools, the researches found that white children were twice as likely to get into gifted programs than black students even while having the same math and reading scores on federally-administered tests. The researchers called this finding nothing short of troubling.”(more)

How to Educate the Next Generation of Googlers: Two Lessons From the White House Science Fair

The Huffington Post – Nick Hutchinson

“By 2022, the U.S. will need more than nine million professionals in science, technology, engineering and math. But last year, there were eleven states where not a single African-American student took the Advanced Placement exam in computer science — and fewer than twenty percent of all test takers were female. Gender and ethnic inequality in tech is, by now, well documented. The question is what can we do about it? Last month, I had a chance to meet the next generation of tech superstars at The White House Science Fair, a gathering of America’s brightest young minds and a demonstration that there’s nothing inevitable about tech’s diversity crisis. These students had made important discoveries in cybersecurity and cancer research…For a country famously lagging in math and science, how did we produce students like these — and how can we produce more of them? I found two key themes in the many dozens of well-rehearsed presentations:”(more)