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Kids Who Spend All Day at School

The Atlantic – Liz Riggs

“When Nashville Classical kindergarteners are getting off of the bus, their peers across town have been home for hours. An eight-hour school day for kindergarten may sound excessive, but at this public charter school, that’s how long the school day needs to be.”(more)

School districts look at extended school days, years

USA Today – Talia Richman

“The debate over extending the school day and school year is getting renewed attention as schools scramble to determine how to make up missed days because of this year’s miserable winter weather.”(more)

Longer school days in store for some in 5 states

Education Week – Kristen Wyatt

“Thousands of students in five states may be spending more time at school…Some of those schools are already using the extra time for additional instruction and enrichment.”(more)

Key to Successful Expanded Learning Programs Is Mastery

Education Week – Anthony Jackson

“A well-rounded education is defined by a broader set of outcomes than traditionally outlined in academic standards and standardized tests. Educators and other stakeholders alike are increasingly interested in the so-called soft skills related to social and emotional learning, creativity and innovation, and citizenship.”(more)

Report ties quality education to vibrant community

The Columbus Dispatch – Charlie Boss

“For declining neighborhoods to thrive and struggling schools to improve, educators and community leaders need to set their sights on early education, programs offered outside the school day and parent engagement, a new report indicates.”(more)

NYC to try longer school day in 20 middle schools

Education Week – Jennifer Peltz

“School days will get more than two hours longer for 2,000 sixth-graders next fall as the nation’s biggest public school system experiments with having students spend more time in class, officials announced Monday.”(more)