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Home Visits Proving Valuable and Growing

Education World – Jim Paterson

“Home visits by teachers may seem impractical, but more districts are undertaking them, and a new report says they build partnerships between parents and the school, change parent beliefs about the classroom and raise student performance. Anne Henderson, a senior consultant at the Annenberg Institute for School Reform who has studied the issue of family engagement for years and authored a leading book on the topic, believes that home visits are the most effective ways to make a school-family connection.” (more)

Give kids chores to help them grow

The Miami Herald – Tameeka Grant, Ph.D.

“Clean your room, walk the dog, set the table. Giving your kids chores isn’t simply a way to check things off the family to-do list, it’s actually good for them. By assigning household tasks to children, you’re instilling responsibility, autonomy and a healthy work ethic, all traits that empower us to succeed in life — and research backs this up. According to a University of Minnesota report, young adults who began chores at an early age (about 3 or 4) were more likely to be self-sufficient, achieve academic and early career triumphs, and enjoy good relationships with family and friends.” (more)

Exercise caution when posting kids on social media

IOL – Lisa Vaas

“All over the country, proud parents and children are sharing pictures of themselves on their first day at school in their school uniforms either at home, or right outside the school premises. However the Film and Publications Board (FPB) have cautioned parents on the following: * The child’s face is all over the internet on social media, this picture can be used by anyone be it for positive or negative use.” (more)

The 529 Plan Change That Could Help Families Save On Education And Taxes

Forbes – Renee Morad

“Beginning in 2018, taxpayers will be able to increase their tax savings when funding their children’s private school educations. According to the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, 529 plans, a tax-advantaged savings plan designed to encourage saving for future college costs, have recently been expanded to include elementary and secondary school expenses. This means that taxpayers will be able to withdraw up to $10,000 per year tax-free for elementary and high school expenses, such as tuition and books.”(more)

Nurture as important as nature for success

Japan Times – Noah Smith

“The question of nature versus nurture is an important one, but also an incredibly delicate one. How much of the disparities we see in society are fueled by a lack of good education, social influences and role models, and how much are due to natural ability? Given that people in advanced countries spend multiple decades of their life in school, this is an important question.”(more)

Parent Engagement in the Digital Age

Edutopia – Emelina Minero

“In school districts around the country, handwritten notes, calls home, and face-to-face meetings are rapidly ceding ground to new technologies that better meet the needs of parents and schools. According to a 2016 report, there’s been a steep drop in the number of parents who believe that more intimate forms of communication—face-to-face meetings with teachers, for example—are the most effective means to convey important information about students. The same study found a growing acceptance of digital methods.”(more)