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Use Science Fiction to Teach STEM, Inspire Innovation

Education World – Jason Cunningham

“The United States lags behind other nations when it comes to students’ STEM achievement, but one science-fiction fan and author is trying to change that. Inspired by the science and tech-enabled adventures of the Starship Enterprise crew, “Star Trek” fan Matthew Kadish sees storytelling as the key to getting students interested in STEM subjects.”(more)

The Scientific Reasons Why Students Need to Read Fiction

Educational Technology & Mobile Learning – Med Kharbach

“Does reading fiction have any impact on students brains? Neuroscience has an unexpected answer to this. A recent neuro-scientific research posted in New York Times reveals that reading stories with detailed descriptions and complicated plots written in an evocative and emotional language full of metaphors and other figures of speech does stimulate the brain and even change how we act in life.”(more)