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From investing to debt to budgeting, 19 financial mistakes millennials should avoid

USA Today – Staff Writer

“The money moves you make when you’re young are going to set the stage for future financial success — or make it harder for you to achieve your dreams. While focusing on financial responsibility may not seem like much fun, young people have the benefit of time and a clean slate when it comes to money matters. If you make good choices from the start, you can make the magic of compound interest work for you and set yourself on the path to success. But, it’s important to avoid mistakes that could cost you.” (more)

How To Actually Teach Your Kid The Value Of Money

The Huffington Post – Taylor Pittman

“In a world of credit cards, online banking, tax codes, investments and retirement plans, keeping up with money can be tough for adults, and even more so for kids. So, for the many parents who want to teach their kid economic ideas and prepare them for their financial futures, where the heck is the starting point? We asked financial experts to break down the best ways to actually teach kids the value of money. Here’s their advice:” (more)

How Parents Can Use Back-To-School Shopping As A Financial Lesson

Forbes – Megan Gorman

“Over the next six weeks, 54 million school children will head back to school. In preparation for this rite of passage, American families will enter one of the biggest spending periods of the year. In fact, Deloitte’s 2018 Back to School Survey found that 29 million households will likely spend over $27.6 billion dollars on back-to-school items from clothing to supplies to electronics. This dollar amount breaks down to an average of $510 per child. No wonder this is an expensive and stressful time for many families.” (more)

Financial literacy is as necessary as reading, writing and arithmetic

Education Dive – Lauren Barack

“While people love to joke that they never use their algebra again once they leave school — financial literacy skills are something every one needs as adults whether they’re paying for dinner or balancing a checking account. Graduates have even voiced that they wished financial classes had been offered to them in school, as Education Dive reported.” (more)

FAFSA Completion Rates Matter: But Mind the Data

Education Next – Richard V. Reeves and Katherine Guyot

“FAFSA season has just ended — the final deadline to fill out the 2018-19 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) was June 30. This year, as every year, many students who are eligible for aid will have failed to complete the form. [1] This means many miss out on financial aid, which can have a serious impact on postsecondary enrollment, persistence, and completion. [2] As many as one in seven students eligible for financial aid who enroll in college do not complete the FAFSA. [3]” (more)

Eight top money tips to teach your children

Fin 24 – Lameez Omarjee

“In a world loaded with influences from the media, it’s important to get children to learn how to manage their money before they are misguided by other information they have access to, warn the experts. For Lance Solms, managing director at Itransact, being a responsible parent means more than just playing catch and reading a bed time story – it involves being there for your children and giving them the best possible start in life. It also means providing them with valuable financial lessons they can use when they are ready to leave the nest.” (more)