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Pennsylvania’s Wolf Signs Anti-Cyberbullying Legislation

Education News – Jordan E. Wassell

“Sticks and stones may break bones, but words may cost you a $2,500 fine. In an attempt to curb cyber-bullying, the state of Pennsylvania has made cyber-harassment of a child a third-degree misdemeanor punishable by a fine and possible jail time. While bullying is nothing new, technology has made it easier for kids to be inundated with harassment thanks to cellphones and social media. No longer can students feel relief after leaving the school yard, as kids can be harassed on a constant basis — and it get much worse after they leave school…”(more)

Solving Oregon’s chronic absenteeism problem: Would financial incentives motivate schools or punish students?

Oregon Live – Betsy Hammond

“Oregon lawmakers are hotly debating a bill that would gradually change state school funding to a formula based on the number of students who come to school rather than the number enrolled. Principal-turned-legislator Rep. Betty Komp, D-Woodburn, is pushing House Bill 2657, which would make that switch, starting by funding kindergarten based on kindergartners’ attendance in 2016-17. By 2020-21, all grade levels would be funded that way. But several members of the House Education Committee said Monday they will vote against the bill, which is exactly the position that the state teachers union and the Oregon School Boards Association urged them to take. Students who come from low-income homes are most likely to miss a lot of school, so schools in poor communities would be harmed, and family factors outside of schools’ control contribute to absenteeism, said Portland Democrat Lew Frederick and Salem Republican Jodi Hack. Schools need more money and more support, not a hammer hanging over them that they will lose funding if they don’t fix high rates of chronic absenteeism, they said.”(more)

Gifts for The High School Graduate

FOX Business – Christina Couch

“Darvis says that relatives can avoid the financial aid ding by setting up a monetary gift as a “loan” that they plan to forgive after the student has graduated. Or they can save it for the student’s final school year, when other financial aid sources tend to run dry.” (more)

Arizona District to Fine Teachers Who Break Their Contract

Education News – Staff Reporter

“The Fountain Hill Unified School District in Arizona is adding a new clause to teachers’ contracts starting next year that would allow them to fine those who quit up to $1,500, The Arizona Republic reports. Teachers will be required to obtain board approval for a resignation while the contract is still active.'” (more)