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Learn languages for life skills

The Baylor Lariat – Staff Writer

“Even though business students now have room to take foreign language classes to the second level and are encouraged to do so by professors, there should be nothing optional about engaging in the global community through second language instruction. Furthermore, two semesters of course work is not sufficient to move past a basic level of proficiency. Every other major, including pre-medicine biology majors who have notoriously challenging course schedules, is required to fulfill a four-course requirement. All business majors should be required to take four semesters of a language as it promotes cultural understanding and makes students more marketable in the business world.”(more)

What languages should children be learning to get ahead?

The Conversation – Warren Midgley

“There are 7,099 known languages in the world today. Choosing which of these to teach our children as a second language is an important decision, but one that may be based more on feelings than facts. There are several different ways of thinking about what languages we should offer at school. Research suggests that Australian school children may not be studying the right ones.”(more)

Learning a language should be compulsory in schools, says report

BBC – Robbie Meredith

“Learning a foreign language should be made compulsory in primary schools here, a new report has said. In Northern Ireland, learning a second language is not a statutory part of the primary school curriculum. In England and Scotland, by contrast, primary school pupils are expected to learn a foreign language. The review of primary languages in Northern Ireland has been carried out by researchers from Stranmillis University College.”(more)

Want a Job? Study Says to Learn Another Language.

Language Magazine – Staff Writer

“Those who speak other languages may want to highlight that fact on their resumes, as customers in the U.S. are becoming increasingly diverse and businesses seek to follow suit. According to a new report by New American Economy titled, “Not Lost in Translation, The Growing Importance of Foreign Language Skills in the U.S. Job Market”, the demand for bilingual employees is rising. The number of job listings aimed toward bilingual workers has doubled since 2010, when employers posted roughly 240,000 job listings. That figure has risen to approximately 630,000. The share of postings specifically seeking bilingual individuals has also increased, with the portion of online listings rising 15.7 percent.”(more)

How Learning Another Language Will Help You Get a Job (and Be More Creative)

Travel and Leisure – Melanie Lieberman

“We already know that learning another language is pretty useful. It makes finding a bathroom abroad much easier, and studies also show it makes you more attractive and more logical. But according to a Quartz article by Gabrielle Hogan-Brun—author of Linguanomics: What is the Market Potential of Multilingualism?—speaking a second tongue can also make you a better employee. And not for the reason you might think.”(more)

Brain Fitness – Learn a New Language

The Huffington Post – Kelly Chaplin

“Research has shown that it’s important to “exercise” your brain and language learning is one of the most effective and practical ways to do this. Speaking and learning a foreign language gives your brain a good workout, keeps your mind sharp, and defends your brain against aging. Surprisingly, being bilingual wasn’t always seen as a good thing. Some educators and scientists thought that learning a foreign language, especially from a young age, had a negative effect on brain development and caused confusion. They also claimed being bilingual would hinder academic performance. We now know that exactly the opposite is true. Science now shows that learning a second language helps strengthen the brain.”(more)