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Importance of foreign languages

The Jamaica Gleaner – Timothy Simmonds

” Undoubtedly, foreign language acquisition is a vital tool needed for the longevity of all cultural and economic facets of life. However, language acquisition is often frowned upon as being more of a theoretical discourse than a practical, much-needed skill. This is one of the many preconceived misconceptions that foreign language instructors strive to dispel while having to deconstruct mental blocks towards foreign language learning.” (more)

3 Benefits of Studying Abroad

The U.S. News and World Report – Josh Moody

“A college education can be life-changing; to get even more out of the experience, experts recommend studying abroad. “It really is transformative for students,” says Scott Sibley, interim provost at Goucher College in Maryland. “I see students who come back and the growth that they’ve experienced, the change in them in a positive way now that they’ve seen more is wonderful.” Study abroad professionals cite many reasons for a student to consider this option, but three in particular stand out.” (more)

WIWYK: learning new languages broadens perspectives

The Alestle – Madison Lammert

“Many think learning one language is hard enough, but junior computer science major Ahmad Masalha, of Dabburiya, Israel, knows seven. Masalha said he wishes more people knew multiple languages so they could all practice new languages together.” (more)

Seven reasons to teach Mandarin

TES – Katharine Carruthers

“Language learning in UK schools is in decline. GCSE take-up of these subjects in some areas has dropped by as much as 50 per cent, and the trend continues at A level: the number of students studying German A level, for example, has dropped by 45 per cent since 2010, while French – still the most popular foreign language – has also been in steady decline. But there’s one language that’s bucking the trend. It’s one that could open up a new world of opportunity to students. It’s the most widely spoken first language in the world. It is Mandarin.” (more)

Learn a language while you watch Netflix with the help of this new tool

Lonely Planet – Sarah Brady

“Looking to get to grips with a new language ahead of your next holiday? You can do so while watching your favourite foreign-language TV show. A brand new tool for Google Chrome called Learning Language with Netflix utilises the streaming platform’s vast selection of foreign-language offerings to make learning a new language more enjoyable.” (more)

Teachers highlight value of students learning to read music

WRAL – Matthew Wells

“Music not only spans across other countries, but it incorporates other subjects, too. “It crosses science, math, language, history and it also covers physical education,” Pierce said. “You learn to use your breathing. It’s like when you’re running. You need your breath to keep going.” She said teaching music to children helps with math because of the number of vibrations per second that produce pitches and the length of time for those pitches. It helps with physical education for not only the breathing aspect, but it helps with posture, and children learn how to keep their voices in good shape. Pierce said it’s called “vocal health.”” (more)