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Some Of The Advantages Of Bilingualism

The Huffington Post – Donna Paul

“In 1992, a philosopher named Ludwig Wittgenstein states, “The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.” The number of words that we can use as we speak can affect how we see the world. By learning at least a second language besides the one you currently speak or your native language can help you to see a bigger world. Being bilingual speakers is most likely to be seen in countries where there’s a mixture of cultures. For example, if you’re in USA, France, and some countries in Africa you’ll find many individuals who speak more than one language. There are also many countries where only one language is spoken and it’s very hard to spot some people who speak two languages.”(more)

Why Multilingual People Have Healthier, More Engaged Brains

KQED News Mind/Shift – Staff Writer

“Prior to the 1960s, scientists thought children who spoke more than one language had a handicap for learning because they had to spend too much time distinguishing between languages. With more modern brain imaging technology, researchers can now see how multilingualism actually strengthens the brain. People who speak more than one language have a higher density of gray matter that contains most of the brains neurons and synapses. Scientists are also beginning to distinguish between young children who grow up learning and speaking two languages as compared to those who learn a second language in adulthood. Children use both hemispheres of the brain to acquire language, which means they often grasp the emotional implications of language more deeply. In contrast, adults who learned a second language tend to approach problems presented to them in that language in a more rational, detached way. Scientists hypothesize that it’s because adults often acquire language through the left hemisphere of the brain.”(more)

Start Learning Spanish To Make A Mark In The Global Front

The Global Dispatch – Staff Writer

“With Spanish being the prime language of communication for over 425 million people in the world, it is bound to grab the attention of language learners across the globe. This romantic language is now also a great language for business with being the third most popular language in the world after Mandarin and English. Those who want to learn a language to delve deep into its interesting culture find Spanish interesting; and those who have to stand tall in the changing business scenario look at this language as a great savior.”(more)

The Global Search for Education: WHAT Knowledge?

The Huffington Post – C.M. Rubin

“Employers complain that graduates are not ready for work. Students who drop out cite boredom and lack of motivation as their major reasons for leaving school. Stanford University studies indicate students are overloaded and underprepared. WHAT should we teach young people in an age where Dr. Google has an answer for everything? Humans are living longer; the traditional professions disappear while new ones are created; international mobility is drastically increasing population diversity; terrorism, environmental threats and inequality need our collective attention; and robots and gene editing are coming, requiring us to re-examine the very core of what it means to be human.”(more)

7 Best Foreign Languages to Learn in 2016

Cheat Sheet – Lauren Weiler

“Whether you’re seeking employment in a new country or you’re looking for an adventure abroad, it’s in your best interest to learn at least one different language. The world we live in today doesn’t feel as large and distant as it once did thanks to technology. And if you’re looking to break into the very difficult job market today, you’ll have a major leg-up if you know a language other than your native one. Learning a foreign language can also have great effects on the brain, says The Washington Post. It can boost your cognitive abilities and make you a quicker, better thinker. Here are the top seven foreign languages that you should be learning in 2016.”(more)

One million U.S. students could be studying Mandarin by 2020

PBS News Hour – Corey Mitchell

“A multinational effort to boost the number of U.S. students studying abroad in China has expanded its focus to stateside Mandarin language learning. The push, led by the US-China Strong Foundation, aims to increase the number of American students studying the language to one million by 2020, a five-fold increase. The effort recognizes the growing importance of U.S.-China relations and aims to prepare a new generation of U.S. citizens to engage with China through commerce and culture. “We’re looking at this as a lifelong effort to ensure we have leaders who understand China and can help manage what we believe is the most important bilateral relationship in the world,” said Carola McGiffert, CEO of the Washington-based foundation. To reach that goal, the initiative aims to create a model Chinese language and culture curriculum that is flexible enough to allow local school systems to tailor it to their needs.”(more)