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France to lower school starting age from six to three

BBC – Staff Writer

“Children in France will start school at the age of three instead of six, under new reforms announced by President Emmanuel Macron. The change will give France one of the lowest compulsory school starting ages in Europe. But it will only affect a small number of children, as the majority of French families already choose to send their children to nursery school at three. Only 2.4% of children are not enrolled at that age, government figures show.” (more)

France wants stricter child phone ban in schools

BBC – Staff Writer

“France will enforce a ban on children’s mobile phone use at school from 3 September next year, the French education minister says. Jean-Michel Blanquer said: “We’re working on this – various methods may be used.” An existing ban is not applied uniformly in France. Some French education experts were sceptical about Mr Blanquer’s pledge, saying school resources were stretched. The minister said pupils’ phones could be kept in lockers during lessons.”(more)

The Hardest Question: Explaining the Paris Attacks to My Child

Time – Vivienne Walt

“As the city grapples to understand how the attacks might transform their lives, there are millions of Parisians still struggling to put their questions into words: The children. For days they have seen an outpouring of shocked emotions and actions from the adults, watching largely silently from knee height. But now, as the adults return to work on Monday morning and the kids go back to school, teachers are bracing for doubts and questions—and wondering how to address them, and even if there are answers that would make sense to a generation born after 9/11, in a benign, gentle city where until recently terrorism has been relatively foreign and remote.”(more)

Tearful Eiffel Tower helps French schoolchildren absorb Paris attacks

The Guardian – Mark Tran

“France’s education ministry has endorsed a leaflet aimed at helping primary school-age children understand and discuss last week’s Paris terror attacks. Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, the education minister, tweeted her support for teachers on Monday as classes resumed. “I’m thinking deeply of our teachers who need to be strong in front of their pupils. We are with them,” she wrote. Her department pointed teachers to a two-page leaflet produced by Bayard Jeunesse, a publisher for children, which was circulated on social media over the weekend.”(more)

Parenting classes take France by storm

Global Post – Staff Writer

“Classes teaching how to be better moms and dads, which have long flourished in English-speaking countries, have begun taking France by storm.”(more)

Mandarin Enjoy Growing Popularity in France

Women of China – Li Xiang

“Ma Yansheng, an education counselor at the Chinese embassy, says the number of French students learning Chinese will continue to grow as China’s influence and economic strength rise. “Many of them are very optimistic about China’s economic growth and see Chinese as a must-have skill and an effective tool for communication, especially in business,” Ma says. “But language is more than a tool. It is also a bridge for cultural exchange…””(more)