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Death of the Bake Sale? New Rules Mean Healthier Fundraisers

Education Week – AP

“When it comes to school fundraisers, bake sale tables loaded with sugary goodies are out. Fun runs, auctions and sales of healthier treats are in. Government rules requiring schools to hold more nutritious fundraisers, along with a trend toward healthier eating in schools, could mean trouble for the long-beloved bake sale. In response, schools are selling everything from fruit to kid-friendly shoe laces. Many schools say they have been successful in ditching the unhealthier models.”(more)

NEA Unveils Plans to Prepare More STEM Teachers

Education Week – Erik Robelen

“The National Education Association today announced plans to raise $1.5 million for an initiative that aims to increase the number of certified science and math teachers and improve STEM instruction.” (more)

Parent, Community Groups Pressed to Fill K-12 Budget Gaps

Education Week – Nora Fleming

“In states and school districts still struggling to recover from recession-induced funding cuts, parent and community groups are feeling the pressure to raise money for instructional staff, academic programs, and other services that districts once fully paid for but can no longer afford.”(more)

Kids at Lighthouse Learning Centers aid families of fallen SEALs

Star-Telegram – Alex Branch

“The 1,600 Lighthouse students around Dallas-Fort Worth have made it their mission to help those families through a project they hope will spread to learning centers nationwide. Students donated money raised at their centers’ fall festivals to the Navy SEAL Foundation, which supports families of fallen SEALs. The eight Lighthouse centers in North Texas raised $3,000.”(more)

School Auctions Help Raise Money in Tough Times

The Washington Post – Petula Dvorak

“Alternative fundraising through fun auctions and gala events has brought money to districts in need of a budget boost. Many schools in the Washington, DC area are using a novel method to make up funding shortfalls: school auctions.” (more)