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STEM: Girls Just Wanna Have Games!

Education World – Staff Writer

“Doom, Duke Nukem, Abe’s Oddysee, Driver, Enter the Matrix…I watched as my husband and his business partners launched some of the biggest games in the world. “Is this just a guy thing?” I wondered. What about girls? Girls wanna play games, too. “There is no market for girl games,” explained the male marketing director. “Oh really?” Flash forward a decade or so. How do we feel about girls and games today? How do we feel about our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) issues? And how do we feel about using games to help students grasp difficult math and science concepts–games that let them actively engage with learning?” (more)

Can you solve it? I’m a mathematician, get me out of here!

The Guardian – Alex Bellos

“Today’s puzzle is for escapologists. Imagine you are in a grid 100 squares long and 100 squares wide. (The grid is fixed to the compass directions: up/down is N/S, and left/right is W/E.) On each square of the grid, there’s an arrow. Each arrow is pointing either N, S, W or E. Choose any square. That’s your starting position. Now the game begins.” (more)

Five Reasons to Use Games in the Classroom

Education World – Staff Writer

” Some people may wonder, “Why play games in a class?” I think it is important to articulate the value of game playing for myself, my students, colleagues, parents and others. Over the years, I have come up with my own list of the top five reasons I believe game playing is a powerful instructional tool.” (more)

5 Tips for Using Digital Games in Class

Edutopia – Chris Rozelle

“If you’ve ever caught yourself spending hours sorting digital playing cards, trying to avoid mines, or exploding pieces of candy on a screen, you know just how engaging digital games can be. When used in educational settings, digital games have the power to immerse students in a rich learning environment. Minecraft is one such game used by educators from kindergarten to higher education. It drops the player into an infinitely customizable world of blocks, animals, and monsters where players (and teachers) can set their own goals. And many students already play this game, which means teachers have the opportunity to transfer students’ skills into an academic context.”(more)

Learning by Tinkering

Edutopia – Matthew Farber, Ed.D.

“Teachers have adapted video games in an array of classroom content areas in quite creative ways. Of note is Minecraft, the perennially popular blocky sensation, which has a Creative mode that offers a sandbox—an open-world virtual environment where players can often create their own rules and goals guided by self-directed free play.”(more)

5 ways educational games improve learning, according to teachers

E-School News – Laura Ascione

“When teachers used digital educational games in the classroom, students raised test scores by more than half a letter grade in only three weeks, according to a study from researchers at Vanderbilt University and partners at Legends of Learning, a research-driven educational game platform. The new research, published by the Journal of the Learning Sciences, demonstrates the benefits of game-based learning for students when compared to students who had no access to such games.”(more)