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Gates Foundation moves to implement new strategy to support ‘networks for school improvement’

Ed Source – Louis Freedberg

“Following a speech last October in which Bill Gates announced a major shift in the education priorities and strategy of his foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is moving to implement its plan to invest the biggest share of its education philanthropy dollars in education networks that come up with their own “locally driven solutions” to improve student achievement.” (more)

Gates Foundation to keep pushing for teacher quality

The Seattle Times – Katherine Long

“Working on reforming the U.S. education system is the hardest job they’ve ever tackled, Bill and Melinda Gates said Wednesday — even more difficult and complex than trying to find a cure for malaria. In the first major address assessing their educational-philanthropy work in seven years, the couple that lead the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation acknowledged that many issues surrounding education have become politicized. But they said they think they are on the right track by focusing on teacher training as the key to improving education, defended the use of testing as one way to measure teacher and student performance, and said the Common Core state standards are starting to show results. Each spoke at length during a Gates Foundation-sponsored event,a two-day conference in downtown Bellevue that is bringing together about 250 national education leaders and politicians. The forum marks the 15th year the foundation has been involved in U.S. education philanthropy.”(more)

Melinda Gates: On My Daughter’s 13th Birthday, A Wish For Girls Everywhere

Time – Melinda Gates

“My youngest daughter Phoebe turned 13 this week. I have two teenagers already, so I have some idea of what is in store for us in this next chapter of her life. Like most teenagers in the U.S., Phoebe’s world will start getting bigger. She’ll be thinking about what she wants to study and what she wants to be when she grows up. She’ll get a driver’s license. She’ll learn and experience new things. Along the way, she’ll be able to make a pretty strong case for watching any PG-13 movie she wants to.”(more)

Bill Gates and the business approach to saving the world

The Star – David Olive

“Bill Gates is the world’s greatest living philanthropist. Not because he and Melinda Gates, his wife and partner in the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, have donated $28 billion (U.S.) to charitable causes. (The couple has committed to donating their entire net worth, currently $76 billion, to take effect within 20 years of their death.) But because the Gates’ preoccupation has been with people who are struggling, and not with the safe, non-controversial recipients of most business-oriented donations, namely prestigious universities and museums, opera houses and ballet companies.” (more)

Gates Says Fixing Education Toughest Challenge

The Huffington Post – Jeri Clausing

“Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist Bill Gates says eradicating malaria, tuberculosis and polio is easier than fixing the United States’ education system. But what he says he really wishes he could do is write a check to eliminate biological, chemical and nuclear weapons.” (more)