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Is Growth Mindset the Missing Piece in the Equity Discussion?

Ed Surge – Michael Moody

“How does a school or district begin to tackle the seemingly insurmountable issue of equity? Decades of attempts at closing the persistent (and perhaps even widening) achievement gap, along with the knowledge that this is an immense and deeply historical issue to address, make it feel as if the task may be impossible. Yet we have ample data to suggest that the need is there and is essential to address, because nearly all aspects of a child’s education are impacted by underlying issues related to race.” (more)

The Science Behind Student Stress

Edutopia – Youki Terada

“A new study finds that when students experience an academic setback such as a bad grade, the amount of cortisol—the so-called stress hormone—in their bodies typically spikes. For most students it drops back down to normal levels a day later, but for some it stays high. These students remain fixated on the setback and have difficulty moving forward.” (more)

To Up Students’ Math Ability, Try Working on Their Teachers’ Growth Mindset

Education Week – Sarah Schwartz

“The idea that math is a natural-born talent—that some people just “get it,” and others won’t no matter the time and effort put in—is a mentality that researchers and schools have been challenging for years. Many schools have adopted a “growth mindset” philosophy, a term coined by researcher Carol Dweck, that teaches students to view success as the result of effort rather than innate ability.” (more)

3 ways I instill a growth mindset in my students

E-School News – Ashleigh Ziehmke

“For my math students, having a growth mindset—the belief that intelligence can be developed through application—removes the idea that some students are good at math and some students never will be. This is crucial in math classrooms, especially as students progress through their academic careers. When their mindset shifts, their approach to math changes. They see a challenge or a new learning experience as an opportunity. Rather than simply giving up, students will plan out their approach and use their background knowledge to find a way to solve the problem.” (more)

Encouraging Persistence in Math

Edutopia – Solenne Abaziou

“Students often struggle with persistence—they’re uncomfortable with the idea of trying a solution if they’re not confident that it will yield the desired results, which leads them to refuse to take risks. Helping students get past this fear will give them a big advantage in math and in many other areas of daily life. Tasks called problem solvers are valuable tools for leading students to persist when faced with difficulties and to develop a growth mindset through productive struggle.” (more)

8 ways to help students grow their grit

E-School News – Laura Ascione

“For a relatively new buzzword, grit certainly has a lot of supporters. It is grit, and not necessarily IQ or talent, that can predict students’ academic success. And as educators seek to understand students from a motivational and psychological point of view, grit pays an important role. “Grit is passion, perseverance for very long-term goals, stamina,” says Angela Duckworth in her now-famous 2013 TED Talk. In that talk, viewed more than 13.5 million times, she describes her study of different predictors of success and how grit emerged as a significant predictor for long-term goals.” (more)