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The Gift of Education

The New York Times – Nicholas Kristof

“Fortunately, with the help of American donors, Nikenson is now receiving a university education that will propel him into Haiti’s elite. He’s a beneficiary of a program started by Conor Bohan, a young American who was teaching in a Haitian high school and distressed that a top student in the school couldn’t afford $30 to register for college. He sacrificed his savings to send her to college (she’s now a doctor). Then he hit up family and friends to help other Haitians go to college. The program grew and became the Haitian Education and Leadership Program, or HELP, sending hundreds of young men and women to Haitian universities.”(more)

Students to Visit Haiti for Reforestation Design Project

Education Week – Gina Cairney

“Science teacher Leah Penniman, and 11 students from her environmental science class…will be traveling to…Haiti…They will work with local farmers to plant 500 fruit trees…this…can help students connect with the global community and learn how to apply what they learn in the classroom…” (more)

Education Was Also Leveled by Quake in Haiti

New York Times – Marc Lacy

Haiti’s best universities are in wreckage, their campuses now jumbles of collapsed concrete, mangled desks and chairs, and buried coursework. Hundreds of professors and students were entombed, although the exact number of dead is complicated by the fact that class lists and computer registries were also wiped out by the quake.”(more)