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Teaching students their voice matters, one story at a time

Education Dive – Lauren Barack

” Ray Salazar revived a journalism class at Hancock College Preparatory High School in Chicago — walking students through the reporter’s skill sets of research, verifying and interviewing — not only because he believes it’s important for students to use their voice, but also because it pulls them out of their own frame of reference. That first year, the school put out three issues. Now each class manages to run seven to eight print editions a year.” (more)

Study: Teacher expertise increases students’ college success

E-School News – Laura Ascione

“Teacher expertise in subject matter has a big influence on students’ postsecondary success, according to a new report. A University of Missouri researcher found that high school students who are taught by teachers who majored or minored in a specific teaching subject, instead of a general teaching degree, are more likely to graduate from college.” (more)

Rejecting AP Courses

Inside Higher Ed – Scott Jaschik

“Eight elite private high schools in the Washington area this morning announced that they are dropping out of the Advanced Placement program. In a joint statement, they said that they were responding to “the diminished utility of AP courses and the desirability of developing our own advanced courses that more effectively address our students’ needs and interests. Collectively, we believe a curriculum oriented toward collaborative, experiential, and interdisciplinary learning will not only better prepare our students for college and their professional futures, but also result in more engaging programs for both students and faculty.” (more)

STEM-focused program will test high-schoolers’ soft skills

Education Dive – Linda Jacobson

“A nonprofit organization that works with K-12 schools to prepare students for jobs in careers such as computer science, engineering and biomedical science hopes to give employers and higher education institutions some data on whether students are gaining so-called “soft skills.”” (more)

Calculus, Statistics, and the Future of High School Math

Education Week – Staff Writer

“The use of data in everything from physics and finance to politics and education is building momentum for a new path in high school math, emphasizing statistics and data literacy over calculus.” (more)

Making Your Flipped Classroom More Human

Edutopia – Michael Ralph

“In my early attempts to flip my high school biology classroom, I was achieving remarkable content gains. We covered multiple chapters a week and were posting laudable exam scores on national assessments. Yet my enrollment numbers were falling. Each year my scores improved—and I had fewer students.” (more)