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Today’s Students May Be Emotionally Unprepared

The New York Times – MARC BRACKETT

“Regardless of all the honors classes and A.P. courses they took in high school, or the science, technology and engineering classes they cram into their college curriculum, students today will not be fully prepared to compete in an increasingly global business environment. The problem — and the solution — is not intellectual. It’s emotional. American teenagers are in psychological trouble. For the first time, college students today are facing more stress than their parents, according to a recent report by the American Psychological Association.”(more)

Proposed Changes to Higher Education Act Clear House

Education News – Kristin Decarr

“A number of bipartisan higher education bills have been passed by the House of Representatives in an effort to provide solutions to elements of the Higher Education Act currently in need of an update. In all, five bills were passed by the House which address some of the issues within the Higher Education Act, including a simplification for the application for federal student aid, making information about colleges and universities readily accessible, and offering benefits for historically black colleges those who serve Hispanic students…One of the bills, sponsored by US Congressman Gregorio Kilili Camacho Sablan, seeks to help students and their families obtain the necessary information they need to choose a college. The bill will create a US Department of Education tool called the College Dashboard, which will be available online and will include key data pertaining to financial and economic statistics on universities across the country.”(more)

Why STEM needs liberal arts

University Business – Kathy A. Krendl

“STEM needs liberal arts as much as liberal arts need STEM. A reason for this is because the marketplace is demanding it. Many of our corporate partners are asking for graduates who can work in teams, have good communication, critical thinking and problem solving skills and can work in a collaborative environment. What we have encountered is that graduates from traditional engineering programs, for example, have a lockstep curriculum – they are great mechanical or chemical engineers – but rarely are these engineers trained to think about different perspectives or look at the big picture.”(more)

College readiness versus college completion: Variations by race

Thomas B. Fordham Institute – Michael J. Petrilli

“Helping lots more young Americans get “to and through” four-year college degrees is a major goal of public policy and philanthropy. In 2009, President Obama set the target of leading the world in college completion by 2020. The Lumina Foundation aspires to increase the proportion of Americans with high-quality degrees, certificates, and other credentials to 60 percent by 2025. And the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has spent over seven years and half a billion dollars on strategies aimed at increasing college completion…That’s all well and good. But as I’ve argued before, even these heroic efforts are unlikely to add up to much until we dramatically boost the number of young Americans who are ready for college in the first place.”(more)

10 Reasons Why You Should Choose China For Your MBA

Business Because – Christian Robinson

““China is a big country, inhabited by many Chinese.” Though the iconic French general and statesman Charles De Gaulle passed almost half a century ago, this reductive epithet continues to echo from the general Western population. China is still a big country and it is, indeed, inhabited by many Chinese. But an increasing amount of international students are flocking to its shores, as well as those of the autonomous region of Hong Kong, attracted by everything from scholarships to start-ups. Here are 10 reasons why students are foregoing more obvious choices to venture East:”(more)

Training the skills needed for a global world – Shi Wenjing

“International talent has been THE buzzword in education for years. Cross-cultural communication and language skills, as well as the ability to adapt to different cultural settings have become the must-haves for top college graduates. The demand for Sino-foreign universities has increased as China opens up further to the rest of the world…19-year-old Haider is from Pakistan and is a sophomore student at NYU-Shanghai. He has just come back from a service trip from a remote county in China’s Guizhou Province, and is sharing stories of his unique experience with his team. The group built a playground for a local primary school…On the other side of the campus, Chinese student Yao Xiaoyun is experiencing her first class of interactive media arts…Yao said, “Living in this cross-cultural learning environment, I got the chance to learn how to respect the differences – between different cultures. And I also learned how to think independently in such a diverse environment.”…Xu Qiwei is in his last year at school. He is majoring in mechanical engineering…”I think our four years here has provided us with an international foundation that is needed in today’s world.””(more)