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The Crazy Amount America Spends On Higher Education, In One Chart

Forbes – Preston Cooper

“As college students head back to campus for the new academic year, high tuition levels will doubtless be on everyone’s mind. The rising price of college has led progressives to call for a more European-style higher education system, where the government picks up a bigger share of the bill for college. But a new data release from the OECD, a research organization, shows that the high price of college in America isn’t necessarily due to insufficient state support. Rather, the problem is more fundamental.” (more)

How U.S. Education Has Become ‘A Debt Sentence’ [Infographic]

Forbes – Niall McCarthy

“America’s student loan crisis still isn’t showing any signs of improvement and according to the National Association of Realtors, 45 million people are carrying student debt with a fifth of them owing $100,000 or more. That’s having an impact on home ownership and the realtors also say that 83 percent of people aged 22 to 35 who haven’t bought a house blame their student debt levels.” (more)

Republicans, Democrats Disagree About The Point Of Higher Education

Forbes – Preston Cooper

“The think tank New America has a new report out on Americans’ perceptions of higher education. Researchers Ernest Ezeugo, Rachel Fishman, and Sophie Nguyen conducted a survey of American adults in partnership with polling firm Ipsos that solicited respondents’ views on the value and purpose of college. The report broke down survey results by political party, providing some fascinating insights at a time of high political polarization.” (more)

25 education trends for 2018

E-School News – Meris Stansbury

“Year after year, educators and those invested in education love to speculate about what will take off in the near future. And as far as riveting news goes, nothing quite peaks the interest like new trends that have the potential to fundamentally change learning.”(more)

Apprenticeships? Competency-Based Programs? GOP-Led Overhaul of Higher Ed Looks to Push These Concepts Into Mainstream

The 74 Million – Laura Fay

“Rising tuition costs and increasing skepticism about the value of the traditional four-year degree are causing students, higher education organizations, and government officials to turn to alternative programs that are touted as cheaper, more flexible, and based on skills rather than classroom hours. Specifically, the Trump administration has pushed for an expansion of apprenticeships and other alternatives to the typical college experience, and the GOP-led House Committee on Education and the Workforce has drafted a new version of the Higher Education Act that pursues many of the same goals through deregulation and a focus on preparing people to fill vacant jobs.”(more)