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The fallout from the alleged college admissions scam is just beginning

CNN – Madeline Holcomb

“Stunning details continue to emerge in an alleged multi-million-dollar bribery plot that, just a day after exploding into public view, has exposed what federal prosecutors describe as a corrupt exchange of wealth, fame and influence for admissions to the nation’s most elite universities.” (more)

Higher Ed’s Biggest Pressure Cookers in 2019

Ed Surge – Michael B. Horn

“Last year my colleagues at Entangled Solutions offered their predictions for what would unfold in higher education in 2018. We talked about financial challenges facing schools, mergers and closures, cutting-edge technology, personalization and more. So how did their predictions fare? And what do they foresee for 2019? Here’s what Paul Freedman, Terah Crews, Jeff Selingo and Mike Berlin had to say.” (more)

Four Predictions For Higher Education In 2019

Forbes – James Kvaal

“Only two weeks into 2019, and already Capitol insiders are buzzing about new higher education laws, presidential hopefuls are heading to Iowa, and governors across the country are rolling out new ideas. To make sense of it all, I polished my Magic Eight Ball to hazard four predictions about the next 12 months.” (more)

6 Education Predictions for the New Split Congress: From School Infrastructure to Student Discipline to ‘Groundhog Day’ on Higher Ed?

The 74 Million – Carolyn Phenicie

“A new Congress will be sworn in Thursday, with dozens of new, more diverse members helping to propel Democrats to control of the House, while in the Senate, Republicans slightly expanded their majority. This split Congress has much on its plate: House Democrats have pledged an uptick in Trump investigations. There’s an impending fiscal cliff that could require a massive reduction in discretionary spending — on everything from medical research to the FBI — for the fiscal year that begins in October. And part of the government has been closed since before Christmas, amid an ongoing fight between Trump and congressional Democrats over funding for a border wall.” (more)

Blockchain Could Rewire Higher Ed. But Should It?

Ed Surge – Jeffrey R. Young

“Bitcoin is volatile. Even so, a growing number of colleges are exploring how the technology behind cryptocurrencies could change the way students communicate their academic accomplishments to employers. That technology is called blockchain, and it’s a way to maintain digital records that can’t be tampered with. So what are colleges already doing to experiment with blockchain?” (more)

What lessons can higher ed teach K-12 about cybersecurity? 4 experts share their insights

Education Dive – Roger Riddell

“Navigating cybersecurity and establishing best practices presents one of the greatest administrative challenges for an increasingly digital K-12 environment. Schools and districts are favored targets for hackers due to the treasure trove of personal data they maintain from both students and employees, and ransomware in particular has become a popular method of attack.” (more)