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Survey Reveals Gaps in Knowledge of Holocaust History—And That Most Americans Believe It Could Happen Again

Time – Lily Rothman

“On a day dedicated to remembering the Holocaust, some experts are worried that their decades of efforts to do so may not be making enough of a mark on Americans. “We say ‘Never Forget,’ but the people who were murdered are literally being forgotten as we speak,” says Greg Schneider, Executive Vice President of the Claims Conference, the organization behind a new study showing just how that forgetting is happening.” (more)

St. Patrick’s Day is Coming: Ireland, An Interactive Notebook Activity

Education World – Gail S Hennessey

“St. Patrick’s Day is coming-a wonderful opportunity to introduce your students to the country of Ireland. Did you know that the Celtic knot is a very famous symbol of Ireland? Learn more about Ireland with my fun and informative web quest on Ireland includes 12 questions and lots of extension activities.” (more)

15 Black History Month Activities for February and Beyond

We Are Teachers – Tanya Merriman

“First, let it be said: black history is American history. But observing Black History Month in the month of February gives us a chance to focus on a part of our shared history that the founder, Carter G. Woodson, observed was at risk of disappearing. Of course it is wonderful to recognize the contributions of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks. But there are lots of ways to go beyond the typical inventors and sports heroes so that every child can connect to and learn from the amazing contributions of the African-American community. Here are just some of our favorite Black History Month activities for the classroom.” (more)

Famous African American Inventors

Scholastic – Staff Writer

“Meet 14 inventors who changed history with their contributions to science, industry, business, agriculture, transportation, and communication. Think about what kind of obstacles they may have faced, both personally and professionally.” (more)

U.S. presidents on the Internet!

Education World – Gary Hopkins

“Do you know why George Washington is never smiling in portraits? (Would you smile if your false teeth were made out of cow’s tooth, hippopotamus ivory, metal, and springs?) Did you know that President Ulysses S. Grant once received a speeding ticket while driving his team of horses in Washington, D.C.? Do you know which president was so big that he sometimes got stuck in the White House bathtub?.” (more)