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Bright pupils ‘falling two years behind peers in Far East’

The Telegraph – Graeme Paton

“Figures show that the cleverest pupils often match the best performers in leading Far Eastern nations by the age of 10 in mathematics but then start to lose ground. By the time they reach 16, children are the equivalent of two years behind those in counties such as Hong Kong and Taiwan, it emerged.”(more)

What is the key to a successful education system?

BBC – Caroline McClatchey

“The education systems in Hong Kong, Finland, and South Korea are often lauded as among the best in the world, scoring highly in international league tables. Here academics suggest reasons why the state-run education system in these countries is top of the class.”(more)

Wealthy Asian nations lead in education, studies find

Reuters – Scott Malone

“Relatively wealthy Asian nations including South Korea and Singapore, as well as Hong Kong, led a ranking of international student achievement, a result that researchers said reflected a strong societal commitment to primary education.”(more)

Govt to forge ahead on free preschool education: Ng

China Daily – Kahon Chan

“Education chief Eddie Ng Hak-kim has reaffirmed the administration’s commitment to offer three years of free preschool education, one of the election promises of Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying.”(more)

World rankings a lesson in valuing role of teachers

The Sydney Morning Herald – Rachel Browne

“The school education program director at the Grattan Institute, Dr Ben Jensen, analysed the performance of the top four Asian countries for the report Catching Up: Learning from the best school systems in East Asia, published this year.”(more)

Upgrading Our Global Skills for Lifelong Learning

Education Week – Anthony Jackson

“The new OECD Skills Strategy released in May shows that we need to put a premium on skills-oriented learning throughout life. Those in the workforce must upgrade and maintain skills to meet the changing needs of society. Employers are advised not only to invest in learning, but also create a culture that fosters it. In short, society needs to cultivate lifelong learners.” (more)