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China cuts tax to boost innovation

China Daily- XINHUA

“BEIJING — China cuts more than 300 billion yuan ($46.15 billion) of taxes in 2015 to boost mass entrepreneurship and innovation, according to official data.
Among this, tax exemptions and breaks on small enterprises reached 100 billion yuan and tax cuts designed to encourage high technology development totaled 140 billion yuan, according to the State Administration of Taxation.”(more)

How to Build Classroom Confidence – Cheri Lucas

“It’s great when your child is enthralled by what she’s learning in class, or fascinated by the guest speaker at an assembly. Some kids, however, choose not to share their ideas or questions during a classroom discussion for fear of asking that dreaded “dumb question,” because they may not be sure how to articulate their thoughts aloud, or for other reasons.”(more)

The importance of encouraging your children

The Examiner – Susan Cornbluth

“Don’t we all want our children to grow up to be confident successful individuals who can think for themselves and be capable of providing kindness to others? That is what I desire for my children….Encouragement guides our children to set goals for them to achieve.”(more)

States Loosening ‘Seat Time’ Requirements

Education Week – Sean Cavanagh

“States have established an array of policies in recent years to free schools from having to award academic credits based on “seat time,” with the goal of making it easier for struggling students to catch up, exceptional students to race ahead, and students facing geographic and scheduling barriers to take the courses they need. Thirty-six states have adopted policies that allow districts or schools to provide credits based on students’ proving proficiency in a subject, rather than the time they physically spend in a traditional classroom setting…”(more)