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Early Language Key to School Success

Language Magazine – Kim Echart

“Language, in other words, supports academic and social success, says Amy Pace, an assistant professor in the University of Washington Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences, which led the study, published in Early Childhood Research Quarterly. The study was the first to look at a comprehensive set of school readiness skills and to try to determine which, of all of them, is the most solid predictor of a child’s later success. Language—the ability to fluidly learn words and to string them together into sentences—was the hands-down winner, said co-author Kathy Hirsh-Pasek, director of the Infant Language Laboratory at Temple University.” (more)

Mu­sic play­school en­hances chil­dren’s lin­guistic skills

Medical X-Press – Staff Writer

“According to the research conducted at the University of Helsinki, weekly music playschool significantly improved the development of children’s vocabulary skills. Several studies have suggested that intensive musical training enhances children’s linguistic skills. Such training, however, is not available to all children.” (more)

Preschool program preps kids for academic success through elementary school

Medical X-Press – Staff Writer

“A program that helps low-income parents prepare their children for school has benefits that extend beyond kindergarten and into into third grade, according to Penn State researchers. The researchers found that the preschoolers of parents who participated in the program performed better academically, acquired better social emotional skills and needed fewer additional school services when they were in third grade.” (more)

Want to help your child succeed in school? Add language to the math, reading mix

Science Daily – Staff Writer

“Research shows that the more skills children bring with them to kindergarten — in basic math, reading, even friendship and cooperation — the more likely they will succeed in those same areas in school. Hence, “kindergarten readiness” is the goal of many preschool programs, and a motivator for many parents.” (more)

Commentary: 40 Percent of NYC Kindergarten Kids Go to a School Their Parents Chose. More Families Need That Option

The 74 Million – Darla M. Romfo

“A new report from The Center for New York City Affairs at The New School finds that 40 percent of city kindergarten students attend a school other than the one to which they are geographically assigned — up from 28 percent a decade ago. A growing number of parents are taking their children’s education into their own hands, and that is good news. We should embrace and encourage more and better choices in education so even more families are empowered to find the schools that work best for their children.” (more)