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Five math skills your child needs to get ready for kindergarten

Medical X-Press – Susan Sonnenschein, Rebecca Dowling And Shari Renee Metzger

“Parents play a critical role in their children’s early math education. They not only can provide math-related toys and games, but serve as role models demonstrating how math is used in everyday activities. Children who see their parents doing everyday math engage more often in math activities. This, in turn, builds early math skills, which serve as the foundation for later learning.” (more)

How To Prepare Your Kid For Kindergarten, From 7 Parents Who’ve Been There

The Huffington Post – Taylor Pittman

“The first day of kindergarten is often marked by adorable photos alongside “I can’t believe this!” captions filled with crying emoji. Because although many parents are happy to watch their kids start that stage of childhood, some moms and dads also face many fears.” (more)

Skills your child needs to know before kindergarten

The Montgomery Herald – Staff Writer

“Kindergarten is supposed to be fun and educational, and allow children an opportunity to blossom because it is usually the first time the tykes are away from their parents for any significant amount of time. And while most kindergartens don’t exactly have GPA requirements, for a child to succeed there are a few milestones that should be reached before they toddle through the door, says Alise McGregor…” (more)

Most kindergarten students not ready for school, state study says

The State Journal-Register – Brenden Moore

“Less than a quarter of Illinois children were fully prepared to enter kindergarten in 2017, a study released Monday by the state board of education revealed. The study, known as the Kindergarten Individual Development Survey (KIDS), is a first-ever snapshot of kindergarten readiness in the state. Its findings are based on teacher observations of students’ skills, knowledge and behaviors in three key development areas over the first 40 days of the school year.” (more)

Accountability for Early Education — A Different Approach and Some Positive Signs

Education Next – Susanna Loeb

“Early childhood education in the United States is tangle of options—varying in quality, price, structure, and a range of other dimensions. In part as a result, children start kindergarten having had very different experiences in care and very different opportunities to develop the skills and dispositions that will serve them well during school. Systematic differences across groups by income, race, ethnicity, home language, and geographic location are particularly troubling because inequalities that appear early are often sustained through school and affect prospects throughout life.” (more)

Nature as teacher: Tinkergarten classes let young children explore and learn

The Globe – Melinda Lavine

“It was a regular session of Tinkergarten, local classes that teach children ages 18 month to 8 years how to explore, problem-solve and more through nature play. That means engaging with mud, painting with sticks, looking at bugs with magnifying glasses — all in an effort to improve fine motor, sensory skills and more. Children benefit the most from this type of learning. “What you experience first-hand, you will incorporate in your life in a much deeper way, and that’s what Tinkergarten is. It’s hands-on, and it uses all of the senses,” Quetico said.” (more)