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The Most Useful Language For An Entrepreneur To Learn Is Not What You Would Expect

D’Marge – James Booth

“We all wished for superpowers when we were kids—but no-one begged Santa for a French grammar textbook. However, in today’s globalised world, languages are more important than ever. Of course it’s possible to get through your whole career without learning even a, “hola”, but your options are far more limited, and the skills section of your CV far less enticing without a second language.” (more)

The other Yanny vs. Laurel: How learning a 2nd language alters sensory perception

The Chicago Tribune – Darcel Rockett

“Do you hear what I hear? More than just a memorable holiday song, it’s a question that got the nation talking — talking about Yanny vs. Laurel. Shortly after a viral audio recording left people wondering why some heard “Yanny” and others clearly heard “Laurel,” we learned that what you heard has less to do with your auditory system and more to do with the brain. And the saga continues: A new Northwestern University study has found that bilingual and monolingual people listening to the same person speaking can hear two completely different sounds.” (more)

Music & Language Lead to Efficient Brain

Language Magazine – Staff Writer

“A new study reveals that bilinguals and trained musicians utilize fewer resources in their brains while doing tasks involving memory. This means that it’s easier for them to do so. As their brains use less effort to perform tasks, researchers infer that their musical and bilingual brains may protect them from the onset of cognitive decline later in life..” (more)

Bridging the Gap

Language Magazine – Tom Beeman

“The term education gap often refers to socioeconomic factors such as race, income, or gender, and perhaps even issues such as equity and access to education come to mind. But what about linguistic abilities or even the differences between the way the same subject matter is taught in high schools versus colleges? Unfortunately, there seems to be a gap between these different levels of education, especially when it comes to the teaching of world languages. To solve this dilemma, it is important to learn about trends in both secondary and post-secondary language teaching, be open to input from those in the field, and begin to come up with ideas for possible solutions. Though this article focuses on the teaching of Spanish, many of these same issues and solutions could easily be applied to other languages.” (more)

A Magical Summer Reading List

Edutopia – L.L. Barkat

“The phenomenon of the summer slide is well established. It relates to a number of factors that aren’t always simple, though for families and communities with resources it’s a fairly straightforward matter of being aware and finding easy ways to keep kids reading. But regardless of resources, using fairy tales in summer is one great solution with younger kids.” (more)