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Study a Language to Invest in Your Career

Careers Portal – Staff Writer

“Investing time in a learning a second language is an investment in your career and can buy you some serious career capital. Fluency in a foreign language can lead you to take advantage of career opportunities to get ahead of your peers and leave the soul English speakers back at the starting blocks!” (more)

Is your child receiving a bilingual education? Here’s why schools embrace the idea — it works

The Desert Sun – Joseph Hong

“Being bilingual boosts test scores and chances in the job market, Arellano and Zavala agreed, but it also has a deeper intellectual impact. “They learn to use their brains in different ways,” Arellano said. In learning to think in two languages, students develop communication skills and a more profound understanding of language. According to Arellano and other dual immersion teachers across the valley, learning Spanish improves your English and vice versa.” (more)

NITSCHKE: Linguistic diversity enriches US culture

Marquette Wire – Emma Nitschke

“The United States has no official language, but Americans certainly act like it’s English. In school all other languages are called “foreign,” but if America has no official language, then none can truly be labelled “foreign.” America is a nation of immigrants from every part of the globe — their stories, told in their languages, make up America’s story.” (more)

Force Your Child To Learn Another Language, They’ll One Day Thank You For It (In More Than One Tongue)

Ten Daily – Sirine Demachkie

“I’m determined for my daughter to be bilingual, and have been speaking Arabic with her since she was born. I was skeptical at first, can her little brain process both languages? But I was simply imposing my own “adult” limitations and not appreciating the ultimate sponge of a child’s brain. I’ve stuck with it and try and make it fun. I concede it’s not easy, but well worth it.” (more)

Tips on learning a new language from a UVU student

The UVU Review – Chun To Mok

“There are many benefits to learning a new language, including having more job opportunities or being able to better understand different cultures. However, there is no doubt that learning a foreign language takes time and effort.” (more)

Keeping Cornell Multilingual

Inside Higher Ed – Colleen Flaherty

“Cornell University is “planting a flag for foreign language and international relations.” That’s how Tom Pepinsky, associate professor of government and chair of College of Arts and Sciences’ curriculum committee, described its plan to maintain a stringent foreign language requirement: 11 credits, or typically three semesters’ worth of classes in one language for those who don’t already have some language proficiency. (Those who do have some proficiency may take one intermediate-level course instead.)” (more)