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Bilinguals use inter-language transfer to deal with dyslexia

Medical X-Press – Staff Writer

“Dyslexic children learning both a language that is pronounced as written, like Spanish, and a second language in which the same letter can have several sounds, such as English, are less affected by this alteration when reading or writing in the latter language. The authors a new study say that this is less a cure than a reduction of some of the symptoms.” (more)

Kuora: The many reasons for learning Chinese

Sup China – Kaiser Kuo

“When one sets out to learn a language, different considerations run through one’s head, and for just about all of those considerations, China ticks a box: How many people in the world speak this language? Mandarin Chinese is spoken by more people in the world than any other language, so in terms of the sheer number of people, Mandarin is an obvious choice.” (more)

Act for a Multilingual America

Language Magazine – Staff Writer

“support of its recent report, America’s Languages: Investing in Language Education for the 21st Century, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences has released a call-to-action signed by 37 individuals and over 150 organizations, including Language Magazine, who urge greater support for languages in order to maintain and enhance American global leadership.” (more)

The Bilingual Advantage in the Global Workplace

Language Magazine – Mehdi Lazar

“For the last 30 years, the world economy has been more global and multicultural than ever before. In any given country, foreign-based companies operate every day, while overseas branches of the same companies are often present in various countries. The job market is consequently more global, multilingual, and multicultural in nature, and the workforce of the future will need to be more linguistically and culturally heterogeneous.” (more)

Raising your children to learn many languages is hard – here’s why it’s worth it

Scroll – Olga Mecking

“Parents have many reasons for raising their children with multiple languages. Some hope for better career opportunities for their offspring, while others focus on the reported cognitive and intellectual benefits of learning an additional tongue, including better attention skills, improved memory, and a quicker decision-making process. Still others, such as the writer Ben Faccini in Aeon, want to fight against the worldwide dominance of the English language.” (more)

Global California 2030

Language Magazine – Staff Writer

“California’s Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson today launched Global California 2030, which is a call to action “to vastly expand the teaching and learning of world languages and the number of students proficient in more than one language over the next 12 years.” In recognition of their tireless efforts to expand multilingualism in California, Jan Gustafson Corea, CEO of California Association for Bilingual Education, mastered the announcement ceremony, and Shelly Spiegel–Coleman, executive director of Californians Together, delivered an inspirational speech.” (more)