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The scientific, efficient way to learn languages: “spaced repetition”

Quartz – Nikhil Sonnad

“There is a moment in every modern language learner’s studies when they discover spaced repetition systems (SRS) and think, “I have been wasting a lot of time by not doing this.” SRS is learning system that makes the nitty-gritty of studying hundreds of new pieces of information—say vocabulary words—more efficient. If you’re learning a language, you should be using it.” (more)

Learning Mandarin can be child’s play – with the right approach

The South China Morning Post – Anita Shum

“Think back to how your child learned his or her mother tongue language. From the day he or she was born, you gave them a “silent language acquisition period” lasting for anything up to 3 years, during which they were immersed in the language 24/7, able to observe, listen and absorb the language before trying to speak their very first word. Now compare this with the expectations of our children when they are learning a second language, such as Mandarin. Many parents complain that their children aren’t conversing in the language they are learning when they receive perhaps only a few hours’ (or less) exposure to that language each week.” (more)

America’s Foreign Language Crisis

The International Policy Digest – Hannah Dannenfeldt

““De qué color era su falda!?” What color was her skirt!? My high school Spanish teacher would stand us in a line and rapid-fire ask us details from the story we read for homework. I would memorize each story out of fear of humiliation. If we got the question wrong, we were shamed and given a zero on the assignment. Disillusioned by my Spanish language experience, I studied French in college. With only three 45-minute classes each week, I graduated as an International Affairs major without proficiency in any foreign language. This foreign language learning experience is far too common.” (more)

Six reasons why everyone should learn Espanol

The Independent – Amanda Macias

“We’ve read the arguments for learning French, but let’s be honest: Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, or any other language with growing global importance would be a better choice. Spanish may be the best choice of all for a second language, which is why its popularity in schools is soaring worldwide. In honour of Hispanic Heritage Month, here are some reasons why you should estudiar.” (more)

Orange County parents opt to put children in language immersion programs

Los Angeles Times – Caitlin Yoshiko Kandil

“‘They’re learning how to speak English anyway, so it’s really no different for them to learn other languages at the time,” said Carrie Mizera, executive director of Renascence School International, a tri-lingual English, Spanish and Mandarin immersion program in Costa Mesa. “Their brains are really, really absorbent at that time, and that’s why we want to capture this opportunity and teach multiple languages.'” (more)

In-Transit: Learning a foreign language is difficult but worthwhile

The Daily Trojan – Nayanika Kapoor

“For seven years, throughout middle school and high school, I learned Mandarin Chinese. “Learned” is a strong word — rather, I struggled through it. And when I say struggled, I mean it. Chinese was consistently my hardest subject. Even after practicing a character 30 times, I still would forget a little stroke in the corner. After repeating the pinyin — or pronunciation of the Chinese word using English phonetics — to myself in my head repeatedly, I would still mix up the second and third tones. There were countless moments when I wanted to quit, and every year, before I had to make my course selection to move onto the next level of Chinese, I said to myself, “Am I really doing this for another year?” I questioned my ability to learn new languages, and I constantly wondered and wondered if I was just bad at learning languages, or if I was bad at learning Chinese.” (more)