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How One of Indianapolis’ ‘Innovation School’ Principals Is Using Language of Love — and Spanish Immersion Program — to Achieve Dramatic Student Growth

The 74 Million – Kate Stringer

“The staff start their emails with “Familia….” The teachers swing from the monkey bars at recess with their first-graders. The principal finds out students have stolen a bike and walks them home to tell their parents. Not many schools have the word “love” in their mission, and it’s a hard thing to quantify on a school report card. But Global Prep Academy — whose motto is “unlocking the world through language, expeditionary learning, and love” — is one of a dozen schools in Indianapolis doing things differently, including a dual-language immersion program beginning in kindergarten for its native Spanish and English speakers that aims to embrace students’ culture and families.”(more)

There are cognitive benefits to being a bilingual kid that pay off in adulthood

Quartz – Ephrat Livni

“As many bilingual kids will attest, it can be a pain to to speak one language at home while studying and speaking another at school. For their parents, it’s tough enough to get kids to do homework, forget about having to also struggle with two tongues. Yet there are cognitive benefits to bilingualism, brainy payoffs for families able to fight the good fight.”(more)

Bilingual Kids Learn New Languages Better

The U.S. News and World Report – Robert Preidt

“Bilingual children have an easier time learning additional languages later in life than those who speak only one language, researchers report. For a new, small study, researchers included 13 college students who learned English and Mandarin at a young age, and 16 college students who spoke only English.”(more)

Learning a foreign language has multiple benefits, opens doors for career opportunities

The Scribe – Lily Spencer

“For college students who don’t plan on leaving the country, learning a foreign language might seem trivial. But learning a second language is incredibly beneficial, not only in the context of your future career, but also to your mind and the way you see the world. We live in a society that is becoming increasingly globalized. If you hope to get a job in the global market, which includes anything from a marketing manager to a video game tester, it is incredibly important to have experience with other cultures.”(more)

Everyday Learners: The benefits of children reading poetry

The Daily Herald Extra – Lydia Olsen

“Many parents take the time to read picture books and board books to their young children every day. But did you know poetry can also be very beneficial for children? Reading poetry aloud to and with your young children can have benefits that last for years. There are many reasons why poetry is significant for young readers. Research has shown that poetry motivates children to read, builds phonemic awareness and builds essential skills like vocabulary, fluency, expression, and writing. Each of these is crucial for children to develop in order to become strong readers.”(more)

Experts, Educators Say Benefits of Bilingualism Are Brushed Aside in U.S. Schools

The Washington Diplomat – Teri West

“Imagine if students didn’t learn math until late middle school. They’d be starting from scratch, pre-times tables and long division. The majority would probably never make it past algebra, let alone pre-calculus or geometry. Greek mathematician Pythagoras might roll over in his grave knowing that his triangle theorem was being lost. In most states, that’s the case for foreign language education. “I think we’d have a revolution on our hands,” said Martha Abbott, executive director for the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL), referring to how parents might respond if schools treated math the way they treat languages.”(more)