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Education Innovation: Lessons from Latin America

Education Next – Gabriel Sanchez Zinny

“Educational systems around the world are in a critical state. Nearly everywhere, they struggle with poor-quality schools, persistent inequality, and local administrations with restricted budgets—which all combine to compromise the educational opportunities of a large portion of the student-age population.”(more)

Organizations Strive to Get Blacks, Latinos Interested in STEM Careers

Education News – Grace Smith

“Black Girls Code (BCG), founded by Kimberly Bryant, is giving girls ages 7 – 17 the opportunity to develop their own future through introducing them to technology and computer programming at a time when they are developmentally ready to think about what they want to be when they grow up. BCG’s mission statement is:.” (more)

For Latino Parents, Bilingual Classrooms Aren’t Just About Language

GPB News – Kelli Korducki

“Right now, across the country, parents are in the midst of trying to get their children enrolled in bilingual classrooms for next September….Parents want their kids to learn a foreign language. The thinking is that a second language will bring significant cultural and economic advantages. But for many Latino parents (and others as well) there is something more at play…”(more)

Latin America Education: The Parent Factor

Latinvex – Gabriel Sanchez Zinny

“Over the past several years, a number of new players have been getting involved in the push for education reforms to increase school quality in Latin America. This includes civil society groups, Non-Governmental Organizations, the private sector, and – increasingly – parents and students.”(more)