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Detroit teachers sue district over shoddy school conditions

CBS News – AP

“The Detroit teachers’ union has filed a lawsuit against the district calling for it to repair “deplorable” conditions and remove the state-appointed emergency manager…Teachers claim the health of Detroit’s 46,000 students is in danger…At Spain Elementary School, some kindergartners wore their coats in class when CBS News visited at the beginning of January. In several rooms, it was just too cold for 5-year-olds. School counselor Lekia Wilson led CBS News on a tour, when we noticed a smell. “You can smell the mold through the hallway,” Wilson said. An entire section of the school is closed off, including the gym. It’s been ripped up for a year. “You’re seeing the result of rain coming right into the school,” Wilson explained. Water leaking from the roof warped the wood floor, and now the smell of mildew fills the air…The state took over financial management of Detroit Public Schools in 2009. The district is still $515 million in debt.”(more)

Parents ask to intervene in voucher lawsuit

The Orlando Sentinel – Leslie Postal

“Parents using school vouchers to send their children to private school — including an Orlando mother of three — want to intervene in a lawsuit that challenges the constitutionality of the taxpayer-funded program.” (more)

Judge Tosses Out Florida Lawsuit on Private School Vouchers

Education News – Grace Smith

“A Florida judge has thrown out a lawsuit aimed at blocking the expansion of the state’s major private school voucher program…The judge did say that Tom Fasse, a Lee County social studies teacher, and the union could amend the suit…” (more)

Too many NC children aren’t receiving adequate education, court filings say – Jane Stancill

“The state has abandoned its constitutional commitment to provide all North Carolina children with a sound, basic education, say lawyers for low-income school districts, who cite years of budget reductions, jettisoned programs and tens of thousands of low-scoring students.”(more)