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Saturday, October 25, 2014

How to Develop Global Leadership Skills

The Huffington Post – Tayo Rockson

“One of the things I have noticed as a Third Culture Kid is the unique lens with which I see things. These things could range from politics to business to even sports and It has dawned on me that my lens can actually be used as a force for good; a force that allows me to become a global leader. As a TCK do you know that you are a global leader? That’s right! You are even more of a global leader than some members of the United Nations. Here are a few reasons why and how you can improve on those skills.” (more)

Everything About The Way We Teach Math Is Wrong

Business Insider – Andy Kiersz

“Mathematics is one of humanity’s most creative and poetic endeavors. And it is a disaster that it isn’t taught this way to students.” (more)

Kindergarten today: It’s no longer as easy as ABC

The Las Vegas Sun – Brian Nordli

“She teaches a full-day kindergarten class with a high population of English Language Learners. Each lesson must reach kids at different levels of knowledge. Some know how to read, while others are just learning their letters.” (more)

Here’s How Study Breaks Boost Learning

The Huffington Post – Carolyn Gregoire

“Students in school are rarely given opportunities to rest and reflect on the knowledge they’ve acquired, but a new study suggests that giving the mind a little targeted downtime could be a highly effective way to boost learning.” (more)

Four ways to advocate for school libraries

E-School News – Laura Devaney

“If school librarians want to make a case for library funding, they must demonstrate how they help students learn and prove that they build collaborative instructional partnerships with classroom teachers.” (more)

With no internet at home, kids crowd libraries for online homework

E-School News – Douglas Hanks

“School and public libraries play an integral role in student learning and internet use.” (more)

These Are The States Where Kids Have The Best Opportunities In Education

The Huffington Post – Staff Writer

“While more students are graduating from high school and college, the number of young students enrolled in preschool in recent years has stagnated.” (more)

Is Uncle Sam Ed Reform’s Biggest Liability?

Education Next – Andy Smarick

“Though people rate their local schools much higher, there’s broad agreement that low-income kids, even in our esteemed local schools, aren’t getting what they need. Only a third of the public (and only one-quarter of African Americans) think their local schools deserve an A or B for their service of economically disadvantaged kids.” (more)

Narrowing Education

Education Next – Jay P. Greene

“Some people seem determined to narrow education. I’ve been trying to make the case for a well-rounded, liberal education, but that idea has less support than I realized. In their effort to maximize math and reading test scores, schools have sometimes narrowed their focus at the expense of the arts and humanities. I’ve tried to document some of the benefits that students receive from art and theater.” (more)

Should You Use Retirement Assets For Education Expenses?

Forbes – Erik Carter

“Are you thinking of raiding retirement funds to pay for your child’s education? With student loan debt now surpassing credit card debt, it’s easy to understand why. After all, who wants their children burdened with the equivalent of a mortgage payment after they graduate?.” (more)