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Teenagers are as sedentary as 60-year-olds by age 19

The Washington Post – Ariana Eunjung Cha

“The adolescent years are when people’s bodies are supposed to start the ascent to their physical peak. Teenagers are growing like beanstalks. Their hormones are raging. They’re eager for new experiences. By all accounts, this should be among the most active periods in a person’s lifetime. Except it turns out it’s not. In an eye-opening study involving 12,529 Americans ages 6 to 85, researchers mapped how physical activity changes over a lifetime. The participants, part of the 2003-2004 and 2005-2006 cycles of the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, wore accelerometers, devices that measure movement, for seven consecutive days. For the purposes of the analysis, researchers counted all types of movement, not just exercise.”(more)

Why education is really a relationship business

E-School News – Charles Sosnik

“For all our conversations about edtech and curriculum and funding and unions and building schools and transportation and testing and every other thing, education is about people. More specifically, education is about relationships. Nothing happens in education without relationships. The relationship between a governor and his staff. The state’s relationship with its superintendents. The supe’s relationship with the board. The principal’s relationship with her teachers. And the teacher’s relationship with our learners. Top to bottom, education is a relationship business. It’s everything.”(more)

Report: High Schoolers Motivated to Learn, but Varying Engagement Levels Point to Need for Tailored Instruction

The 74 Million – Kevin Mahnken

“For the better part of a century — roughly as long as the concept of the teenager has existed — parents and educators have agonized over how to reach adolescents. Stereotyped as indifferent to schoolwork and alienated at home, they have often confounded the adult world’s efforts to transform them into productive citizens. Today, new research from the Fordham Institute brings welcome news: Though their interests are piqued by different methods in the classroom, most want to learn and are willing to work hard to do so.”(more)

Exclusive: Independent Review of ESSA Plans Rates States Strong on Accountability, Weak on Counting All Kids

The 74 Million – Carolyn Phenicie

“States are doing a good job broadening measures of school accountability but are failing to address low-performing subgroups of students, according to an independent review of state plans under the Every Student Succeeds Act. Bellwether Education Partners and the Collaborative for Student Success brought together more than 30 advocates from across the ideological spectrum to evaluate plans from the 16 states and Washington, D.C., which filed their submissions with the U.S. Department of Education in April.”(more)

New Research: Louisiana Voucher Results Swing Upward

The 74 Million – David Cantor

“Private school choice has become the one issue in education where the release of an academic paper stops traffic. Advocates for and against vouchers anxiously await — and, because choice is now the most politicized issue in education — intensely debate the latest findings. The most recent research study: a report released Monday by Jonathan N. Mills and Patrick Wolf of the University of Arkansas, who study the voucher-awarding Louisiana Scholarship Program. Mills and Wolf determine that students in the program, after initially falling behind, are on par with their public school counterparts after three years in the program.”(more)

Why ‘Personalized Learning’ Can Feel So Impersonal

Ed Surge – Tony Wan

“Why does personalized learning, ironically, feel so impersonal? Personalized learning, in its broadest application, suggests tailoring instruction to meet the needs, strengths and interests of each learner. Great teachers already do that everyday—with or without technology. It should be a goal both broad and laudable enough to unite teachers and technologists, parents and policymakers.”(more)