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A year in the life of a student-centered library

E-School News – John Milburn and Kimberly DeFusco

“There’s no “typical” day for a library media specialist. In one school day, we can teach a class about fake news, help one student find the perfect resource for his research project, and guide another toward a “just-right” book series that appeals to her personal interests. For 21st-century media specialists, the idea of the library as a quiet space is out and creating new opportunities for deeper learning with students is in.”(more)

Libraries Are a Vital Educational Technology Resource

Education World – Melissa Pelletier

“The school library, and the librarians that work within them, are a wonderful, and sometimes overlooked resource for educational technology support, providing invaluable help and knowledge for teachers and students. The traditional domain of a librarian—information literacy—is more closely linked to educational technology than we might imagine. The goal of information literacy is access to the right learning resources, which includes a variety of technologies; in fact, such technologies as microfilm were one of the first pieces of technology people had access to in their local library.”(more)

Reading Literature Not Only a Pleasure

Language Magazine – Staff Writer

“Just in case anyone needs another reason to encourage the reading of literature, researchers at Stanford University have come up with more proof that it’s good for you. In an innovative interdisciplinary study, neurobiological experts, radiologists, and humanities scholars are working together to explore the relationship between reading, attention, and distraction with the help of Jane Austen.”(more)

The biggest lessons librarians learned in 2017

E-School News – Robin Glugatch and Andy Plemmons

“For the sake of our students, we must embrace the changing role of the school librarian. 2017 was a year filled with makerspaces, student engagement, personalized learning, and more. Here, two seasoned librarians shed light on their biggest lessons learned in 2017 and look forward to the up-and-coming trends for the new year.”(more)

How to Get Your Mind to Read

The New York Times – Daniel T. Willingham

“Current education practices show that reading comprehension is misunderstood. It’s treated like a general skill that can be applied with equal success to all texts. Rather, comprehension is intimately intertwined with knowledge. That suggests three significant changes in schooling.”(more)

Manning: Reading to kids key to their learning

The Boston Herald – Maureen Manning

“November is Family Literacy Month, a time when schools, libraries and literacy organizations shine a spotlight on the importance of parents and children reading together. Parents are a child’s first teacher, and are often the driving force behind a child’s love of reading. Not only can remarkable bonds form through reading together, but also, family literacy has a direct impact on a child’s success later in life. The National Center for Education Statistics identifies being read to as the single most important activity, for children not yet in school, to build skills needed for future academic success.”(more)