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3 ways to promote grit via literacy instruction

E-School News – Staff Writer

“J.K. Rowling. Bill Gates. Oprah Winfrey. These are no doubt names that most students recognize as successful. But what often goes overlooked is the perseverance needed to achieve success, and that successful people—including these household names—often overcome great obstacles. To that end, the conversation in schools has shifted to resilience and grit, recognizing that people who demonstrate determination often end up being movers and shakers in today’s world.” (more)

NGSS in Elementary: Incorporating Science Into Your Literacy Instruction

Education World – Martha Moore

“Next Generation Science Standards are designed to give students a foundational science education that can serve them throughout their schooling and into their careers as adults. We’ve taken a dive into ways to incorporate science into literacy instruction with some fantastic book collections from Steps to Literacy.” (more)

Beyond the ‘Reading Wars’: How the science of reading can improve literacy

Medical X-Press – Anna Mikulak

“A new scientific report from an international team of psychological researchers aims to resolve the so-called “reading wars,” emphasizing the importance of teaching phonics in establishing fundamental reading skills in early childhood. The report, published in in Psychological Science in the Public Interest, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, shows how early phonics skills are advanced with a rich reading curriculum throughout the school years.” (more)

For Young Brains, a Storytelling Sweet Spot

Edutopia – Youki Terada

“As a parent, one of my favorite activities with my toddler is storytime. These days I have plenty of good options: I can tell my son a story, we can read a picture book together, or I can turn on the TV or break out the iPad and watch a cartoon with him. At least that’s what I thought. A new study suggests that only one these experiences hits the “Goldilocks Zone”—that sweet spot where my son’s brain is highly active, his imagination is fully engaged, and he can spare a few moments to think about the story.” (more)

New Jersey school aims to improve literacy skills among current — and future — students

Education Dive – Linda Jacobson

“Alanna Rivera’s daughter, Damara, knew about Carson Elementary School’s “babies club” before she did and kept nagging her to get involved. The only problem was that Rivera didn’t have a baby. Damara, who is now finishing 1st grade at the Pennsauken, N.J. school, was an only child. But then Rivera learned she was expecting her second child, so when she attended back-to-school night last fall, she made sure to visit the information table about the Carson Baby Initiative.” (more)

OPINION: We can’t become a nation of equal learners until we become a nation of readers

The Hechinger Report – Matt Bardin

“Despite the claims of those who propose to “disrupt” education with video lessons and a well-intentioned emphasis on STEM, reading remains the backbone of a real education. Unlike other species, humans use language as a kind of operating system for our big brains. Our intellectual abilities evolved in concert with our linguistic abilities. Words act as handles that allow our minds to manipulate ideas, and written language invents syntaxes that go far beyond anything in spoken communication.” (more)