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London pupils ‘behind global competition’

BBC – Sean Coughlan

“London’s schools are falling behind many global competitors, according to an analysis of international tests. The capital’s schools have been held up as a showcase of rising standards. But the University College London (UCL) Institute of Education study, using OECD Pisa test results, suggests they are weaker than those in many Asian cities and the rest of the UK. However, the OECD’s education director, Andreas Schleicher, has rejected the findings as “not credible”.”(more)

Xi Jinping Promotes Chinese Language Learning in London

Language Magazine – Staff Writer

“During his visit to the UK, the President of the People’s Republic of China, Xi Jinping, attended the opening ceremony for the annual conference of Confucius Institutes in London, stressing the importance of maintaining UK-China relations through language and cultural understanding. The Confucius Institute is an organization affiliated with China’s Ministry of Education that was created to promote the teaching of Chinese language and culture internationally while facilitating cultural exchange. London Confucius Institute (LCI) is the first Confucius Institute in the UK and started to operate in 2006. President Xi Jinping gave the conference’s opening remarks, saying, “I am glad to see that there are so many teachers and students teaching and learning Chinese language, especially that so many UK students are interested in Chinese language and culture.”(more)

A London school has banned all technology

The Telegraph – Javier Espinoza

” An independent school in London has banned all types of technological devices – including smartphones, computers and televisions – and pupils aren’t allowed to use them even on holidays. Acorn School, which was founded in 2013 and has annual fees of up to £11,000, even asks parents to make the commitment to the same technology-free environment at home. The purpose of the ban of technology up to the age of 14, according to one of the founding parents of the school, is to help children become “active creators” rather than “passive consumers”. Andrew Thorne, chair of the boards of directors at Acorn School, which took its inspiration on the ban of technology from a school with the same name in Gloucestershire, said: “The purpose [of the ban on technology] is to allow children space to grow. So instead of turning them into consumers of technology and television, they have to learn to create their own activities.”(more)

Good News for New Orleans

Education Next – Staff Writer

“What happened to the New Orleans public schools following the tragic levee breeches after Hurricane Katrina is truly unprecedented. Within the span of one year, all public-school employees were fired, the teacher contract expired and was not replaced, and most attendance zones were eliminated. The state took control of almost all public schools and began holding them to relatively strict standards of academic achievement. Over time, the state turned all the schools under its authority over to charter management organizations (CMOs) that, in turn, dramatically reshaped the teacher workforce.”(more)

Michelle Obama visits London to promote girls’ education

USA Today – Jane Onyanga-Omara

“First lady Michelle Obama met students here Tuesday as she visited the city to promote girls’ education. Some of the young people at east London’s Mulberry School for Girls held American and British flags to greet Obama, who is promoting the “Let Girls Learn” initiative, aimed at helping adolescent girls around the world complete their education. She announced the initiative with President Obama at the White House in March and promoted it during a trip to Japan and Cambodia later that month. “The world needs more girls like you growing up to lead our parliaments and our board rooms and our courtrooms and our universities,” she told the London students, who are mostly from working-class backgrounds. “We need you.” The first lady also announced a $200 million program between the U.S. and Britain to support girls’ education in countries affected by conflict, such as the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sierra Leone and Liberia.”(more)

Stepney children urged to learn Chinese languages

East London Advertiser – Mike Brooke

“More children are being urged to learn Chinese languages as part of a campaign for London’s East End to lead the country in promoting Mandarin…“We want more students to have the ability to speak Mandarin,” Mayor Lutfur Rahman said. “By the time most of the children born today leave school, China will probably be the leading economic power in the world.”” (more)