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Longer School Days Coming for Boston Elementary, Middle School Students

Education Week – Corey Mitchell

“Students in 60 Boston elementary and middle schools will spend 40 more minutes each day in class as part of a plan to boost academic performance and allow more time for teaching the arts and enrichment courses. The school board passed the plan by a 5-to-1 vote this week, marking the final step in the approval process… Boston’s move to longer days is just the latest among districts joining the steady trickle of school systems expanding learning time.”(more)

Boston Teachers Union Approves Extended School Day

Education News – Kristin Decarr

“The Boston Teachers Union has agreed to extend the school day by 40 minutes each day for all elementary and middle schools who do not already have extended day programs in place. About two-thirds of the schools in the Boston Public Schools district will be affected by the change, or around 60 schools and 23,000 students… A “school-by-school decision” will be made on how best to include the extra 40 minutes each day, depending on what each district believes it needs.”(more)

Boston Close to Adopting Longer School Day

Education News – Kristin Decarr

“Boston school officials and union leaders have announced that an additional 40 minutes will be added to the school day in the city’s elementary and middle schools. The agreement will allow 60 schools, or about 23,000 students, to have longer school days. In addition, teachers will get twice as much planning and development time.According to Boston Teacher’s Union President Richard Stutman, the extra time will benefit under-served subjects such as art, music, drama, and foreign language.”(more)

New York Mayor Adds One Hour To School Day At Struggling Public Schools

The Huffington Post – Laila Kearney

“New York Mayor Bill de Blasio unveiled a $150 million plan on Monday to boost the achievements of some of the lowest-performing schools…The program aims to improve the performance of 94 schools with poor test scores and graduation rates by providing students one extra hour of daily instruction and additional mental and physical health support…” (more)

Teachers, Researchers Praising Longer School Days

Education News – Kristin Decarr

“Schools across the country are busy adjusting to a new year, and in some cases, a longer school day…A study out of Harvard University found that an additional 300 hours of instructional time and “high-dosage tutoring” led to increased academic achievements.” (more)