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Positive Parenting: Shut your iPad down, spend quality time with your kids

The Star Online – Staff Writer

“The Positive Parenting Programme has launched a nationwide campaign to encourage parents to disconnect from their digital gadgets – TVs, game consoles, smartphones, computers – for an hour a day to prompt more families to reconnect and find other ways to spend quality family time and have fun together. This is believed to be the first campaign of its kind in Malaysia.”(more)

In Defense of Teaching

The Huffington Post – Abel Cheah

“Teach, because no other endeavour develops one’s leadership and character more than the endeavour to mentor, encourage, and guide another human being. “(more)

Aiming for quality preschool education

The New Straits Times – V. Shankar Ganesh

“KUALA LUMPUR : THERE will be some 20,000 trained preschool teachers by the end of the year as the government wants a higher standard for preschool education.” (more)

Is Malaysia the regional leader in international higher education?

The Guardian – Patrick Blessinger and Enakshi Sengupta

“Faced with such a predicament the Malaysian government embarked on a program to turn Malaysia into a fully developed knowledge based economy. To that end, the Malaysian government sought to partner with foreign higher educational institutions to offer more educational opportunities for Malaysians on their own soil. The ultimate aim was to make Malaysia a regional hub of higher education in south-east Asia.” (more)

SMART PARENTING: Love + discipline = success

New Strait Times – Zaid Mohamad

“For children to succeed in life, they need understanding, guidance and love from their parents. And parents must do everything they can to reinforce these three things, failing which, the children will feel that success is their parent’s agenda rather than their own.”(more)