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Intel Plans to Drop Support for High-Profile Science Competition

Education Week – Sean Cavanagh

“The giant technology manufacturer Intel will soon end its support for one of the world’s best-known competitions that showcases the math and science talent of super-elite U.S. students. The decision by the Silicon Valley corporation, first reported by the New York Times, will no doubt come as a stunner for the community of parents, scientists, phenoms, and fans of the event who have followed the Science Talent Search over the years.”(more)

Training a New Generation of Skilled Workers

The Huffington Post – Lt. Gen. Clarence E. McKnight Jr.

“For many years, U.S. manufacturers have lamented the shortage of job applicants with the skills needed to work in modern manufacturing. The old manufacturing jobs – rote repetition on an assembly line – are gone and are not coming back. We need bright young people who can handle sophisticated machinery and computers, but they are in short supply and few of them seem aware of the opportunities available in manufacturing. Jerry Jasinowski, former President of the National Association of Manufacturers, writes a regular blog about economic and manufacturing issues. He recently penned one suggesting that old-fashioned apprenticeships are part of the solution. I believe he is on to something.”(more)

Manufacturing Shouldn’t Be A Dirty Word For Today’s STEM Talent

Tech Crunch – Vicki Holt

“When most people hear the word “manufacturing,” a few images tend to come to mind: low skill, wrench-turning, physically draining work; dirty, grease-stained workplaces; a male-dominated workforce. For whatever reason, these stereotypes persist, and they are antiquated and misleading. Thanks to massive advancements in automation technology and analytics software, the American manufacturing industry of today is a far cry from the assembly lines and manual labor of the past. Manufacturing in the 21st century is a high-tech fusion of software and mechanical engineering, automated processes and complex production equipment, 3D CAD models and on-demand parts. The fortunate result of this modern-day industrial revolution is an expanding demand for highly skilled STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics)-related positions.”(more)

Why the engineering skills gap should worry you

Global Business Hub – Chad O’Connor

“One-fifth of Baby Boomers will retire in the coming years, and much of the talent entering the workforce lacks the skills needed to fill increasingly technical positions. Put simply, we are experiencing a growing age gap in engineering-focused fields. This skills gap poses financial concerns for some of our nation’s leading manufacturers, and ultimately affects the speed at which we can innovate and bring new products to businesses and consumers.”(more)

The Fix To America’s Manufacturing Decline Stands Right Before Us

Forbes – John Lechleiter

“Right now, there are over 600,000 unfilled manufacturing jobs in America. Many employers are eager to hire. They’ve got capital set aside specifically to invest in expanding their workforce. And they have applicants — problem is, many of them simply don’t have the training and education needed to perform the work. Largely to blame is the “STEM” skills gap…”(more)