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6 resources to help students with information literacy

E-School News – Laura Ascione

“Information literacy skills top many lists of must-have abilities, especially in the age of fake news. Not all results in a Google search are legitimate–but how many of today’s students know this? Children have access to devices at younger ages, which underscores the importance of teaching them how to look at news with a critical eye and to evaluate the information’s origin. Because today’s students are growing up in an age where information is easily accessed, they need to know how to apply critical evaluation skills when met with information purporting to be truthful.” (more)

The Ultimate Guide to Teaching Source Credibility

Education World – Keith Lambert

“A new adversary in the world of facts-driven logic and decision-making has been rearing its ugly head across our social media pages these days: fake news. It’s a threat to education, and it is a threat to nurturing a knowledgeable society. Everyone from our celebrity elite to our President-Elect has fallen prey to the allure of sensationalist, heavily biased, and deceiving information online. And the trend is likely to continue.” (more)

Teaching students their voice matters, one story at a time

Education Dive – Lauren Barack

” Ray Salazar revived a journalism class at Hancock College Preparatory High School in Chicago — walking students through the reporter’s skill sets of research, verifying and interviewing — not only because he believes it’s important for students to use their voice, but also because it pulls them out of their own frame of reference. That first year, the school put out three issues. Now each class manages to run seven to eight print editions a year.” (more)

Media savvy kids are vital to future of democracy

The Toronto Star – Kathy English

“We all need to be news wise during an election campaign. Democracy depends on informed voters, and to be fully informed, voters depend largely on the media for news and information. Within the increasingly complex media ecosystem, it is the journalist’s job to provide citizens with fair and accurate information they need to make educated decisions at the ballot box. And it is the citizen’s job to analyze, evaluate and understand the news and commentary presented throughout election campaigns.” (more)

Understanding the Hype: Media Literacy

Education World – Lois Lewis

“Every day, we are bombarded with messages when we watch television, go online, or read newspapers and magazines. What do those messages mean? What is their purpose? How should we process media messages? Noted author, educator, and media literacy expert Catherine Gourley shared with Education World her thoughts about media literacy and its role in education. Gourley’s book, Media Wizards: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Media Manipulations, introduces techniques to help students crack the codes of media messages.” (more)