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New Study Shows Merit Pay System for Teachers Works

Education News – Julia Lawrence

“…a recent paper…reaches much more definitive conclusions on the merit of merit pay. And those conclusions are that teachers operating under the merit pay system do perform better than their colleagues who aren’t.”(more)

States Enacting Comprehensive Ed Reform

Students First – Hari Sevugan

“Congress has been slow to reauthorize the No Child Left Behind law so that it works better for educators, students and parents. But state legislatures are stepping in to enact important education reforms across the country. So far the trend hasn’t received much national attention, but this US News article spotlights the reforms taking hold.” (more)

The Public Weighs In on School Reform

Education Next – William Howell, Paul E. Peterson and Martin West

“But how have Americans actually responded to these developments? Have they grown more supportive of the current direction of school reform, or are there instead signs of a backlash? And how do the views of teachers compare to those of the public at large?…These are among the questions we explore in this, the fifth-annual Education Next–PEPG Survey, which interviewed a nationally representative sample of some 2,600 American citizens during April and May of 2011.” (more)

Teachers as professionals

Deseret News – Staff Writer

“Ogden teachers have two more days to decide whether to sign a new contract that moves away from step pay increases, based on years in the classroom, toward merit pay increases, based on professional performance. Any teachers who do not sign the individual contract will be out of a job.”(more)

Better teachers deserve better pay

The Holland Sentinel – Jim Timmermann

“The great teachers may get a few pats on the back and the fulfillment of knowing they’ve enriched their students’ lives, but in America the standard practice of showing we value someone is paying them more money. Knowing that you’re busting your rear end at work while the person in the next room is coasting to retirement while earning just as much can be a demoralizing experience.”(more)