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Betsy DeVos Q&A: On undocumented students, Jeb Bush, bilingualism and other issues

The Miami Herald – Staff Writer

“President Donald Trump’s education secretary spent two days in Miami this week, her first full trip with stops at a variety of schools and colleges since taking office. Betsy DeVos was a controversial pick because of her advocacy for charter schools and lack of public education experience (she famously raised eyebrows during her Senate confirmation hearing for suggesting guns might be appropriate in remote schools to defend against grizzly bears). But her Friday morning visit to Royal Palm Elementary, a traditional public school in Westwood Lakes, went off without a hitch.”(more)

Zika in the Classroom? How Students in 9 Florida Schools Are Confronting a Public Health Emergency

The 74 Million – Kate Stringer

“Nine South Florida schools began the fall term this week on Zika alert, after more than a dozen cases of locally transmitted virus have been reported in the surrounding one-square-mile area. Crews from the Miami Dade County Public Schools have been eliminating standing water, where mosquitos breed, in Miami’s Wynwood and Midtown neighborhoods, according to the Miami Herald. Officials have also sent voice messages to parents advising them to dress their children in long-sleeve shirts and long pants, despite the summer heat, and to apply insect repellent before they leave home. The district will provide long pants and shirts for students who can’t afford them, the Herald reported. “The best preventive tool we have is aggressive awareness and communication,” Superintendent Alberto Carvalho said at a school board meeting Wednesday.”(more)

ADHD in the classroom: a struggle for teachers and students

The Miami Herald – Christina Veiga

“Hudson Dunn has always been an active boy. His daycare teachers called him “demanding” and “independent.” In preschool, he preferred singing and daydreaming to learning the ABCs. By the time he was in kindergarten in Broward County, Hudson was banned from class field trips unless his mother came along to keep track of him. He often came home crying. “It created an environment in the classroom where he was labeled a bad kid,” said his mom, Jenine Dunn. Hudson has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD — one of the most commonly diagnosed mental health disorders in children. The Centers for Disease Control estimates 11 percent of American kids have ADHD. Apply that figure to Miami-Dade, and 40,000 public school students could have the disorder. The list of symptoms for kids who have ADHD reads like a recipe for problems in school: trouble paying attention and completing tasks. Being fidgety, talkative and impulsive. Difficulty following rules, making friends and keeping track of things — like homework or class materials.”(more)

Showing girls the way to careers in STEM

The Miami Herald – Christina Veiga

“Yoldine Nicoleau stuffed a strawberry into a Ziploc bag and smashed it to a pulp. As about 20 other girls joined in, the science lab quickly filled with the sweet smell of fresh fruit and the sound of fists pounding on tables. This is what it takes to extract DNA from grocery store items. It’s also getting girls interested in what science looks, smells and sounds like. “This is fun for me,” said Nicoleau, a rising junior at Miami-Dade’s School for Advanced Studies. “I feel comfortable. I enjoy it. I’m around people who understand me.” For a week this summer, a group of young women from across Miami-Dade County got a hands-on introduction to working in STEM — Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. They were all selected for Columbia University’s highly competitive Girls in STEM program. The goal: to help more women break through gender barriers in the often male-dominated world of STEM.”(more)

Teaching mathematics creates beautiful minds

The Miami Herald – HILLA ROGEL

“Miss, my brain hurts! You make me think too much.” Meant as an insult, this became the most meaningful compliment I’ve received since becoming a middle school math teacher three years ago. Learning to think, specifically to think logically, is not only the essence of mathematics, it’s a naturally beautiful way of explaining the complex world we live in. As math teachers, it’s our job to discover the art of mathematics for ourselves in order to share it with our students.”(more)