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Discovering the Depth in Graphic Novels

Edutopia – Jason DeHart

“In spite of their reputation for simplicity, graphic novels can display a surprising level of depth. This sense of depth can come through in a variety of ways—from the language to the interplay of words and images to the themes that can be explored in visual texts. And like novels, graphic novels employ a range of literary conventions, so they’re ripe for classroom discussion.” (more)

Why Ninth Grade Can Be a Big Shock For High School Students

KQED News Mind/Shift – Ki Sung

“High school is an important time in the life of any teen: hormones are raging, social cliques are forming and the pressure is on to develop a college résumé. Teens gain more independence as they get older, but adults also expect more from teens without providing as much of the nurturing and guidance of their earlier years. Starting high school is a big transition and, it turns out, the ninth is grade a pivotal moment for teens’ potential success or failure in high school.” (more)

Out-of-this-world STEM for middle schoolers

District Administration – Ariana Fine

“On July 2, 2018, at 10:35 a.m., 25 middle school students in the Peoria, Illinois area had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to speak to an astronaut aboard the International Space Station. The conversation took place during the weeklong summertime STEM Academy, which was launched three years ago by the Peoria Heights School District, the University of Illinois Extension, Pearl Technology and Richwoods Township.” (more)

Reflections on Shifting to a Flexible Classroom

Edutopia – Brooke Markle

“Changes to a learning environment are often driven by the teacher’s philosophy regarding how students learn best. When I decided to remove the student desks from my grade 7 English classroom for the last school year, I was motivated to do so after observing the way my students learned and analyzing how I could best support them in that learning.” (more)

Improving Reading Skills Through Talking

Edutopia – Nina Parrish

“As a former middle school special education teacher and current tutor of middle and high school students, I often work with older children who struggle immensely with reading and writing tasks. This issue impacts them in every academic area and, if not addressed, can eventually affect their motivation to learn and to come to school. Many students I work with receive extra support in their English or language arts class, but then are on their own or receive less support in their other academic classes.” (more)

8 Truths About Teaching Writing to Middle Schoolers

Edutopia – Ryan Tahmaseb

“There’s something extraordinary about middle school writers. Maybe it’s the tension of existing between childhood and adulthood and their ability to articulate this tension. Maybe it’s their fully intact imaginations and natural inclination to creatively express themselves. Whatever it is, they’re capable of astounding us and each other if we teach them well.” (more)