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A Fresh Start For Millennials: The Case For Forgiving Student Loans

Forbes – Rob Asghar

““Let’s not mince words,” economist Anthony Orlando says. “Student loans are killing people. People need to understand just how big a problem we’re talking about: Americans owe more in student loans than on all their credit cards combined.” Orlando, the author of Letter to the One Percent, suggests that, for American society to build its best future, we should consider forgiving substantial amounts of the student debt racked up by recent college graduates—and to find new ways to lower the debt burden for current and future college students…When I talk to people my age about the future, they don’t talk about mortgages. They talk about student loans.”(more)

A New Year, a New Commitment to STEM

The Huffington Post – Linda Rosen

“Our world is changing rapidly and the skills needed to be successful in today’s job market are not the same as the ones needed a decade — or even five years — ago. The professional landscape has changed and continues to change drastically, and so must the way we prepare our young people for it. For example, Change the Equation’s research has shown that despite being the first generation of “digital natives,” millennials simply aren’t savvy in using technology to solve complex problems. And they — and their employers — are feeling it…Skills in technology, in particular, once confined to people with job titles like computer programmer, software developer or network administrator, are now all but ubiquitous across today’s economy. Workers need more knowledge and skills than ever before — in all areas of STEM, not just technology. We have a responsibility to give young people a strong foundation in these fields as early as possible, so that they can pursue whatever career options are most appealing to them.”(more)

Making Teaching Cool Again: How Schools Must Adapt To Recruit Millennial Talent

Forbes – Jonathan Cetel

“As an executive director of a non-profit focused on education policy, I often reflect on my teaching experience, and I am convinced that a major overhaul is needed to recruit and retain great teachers. Fundamentally, the profession is not geared toward meeting the needs of millennial talent…In a landmark 2010 McKinsey & Co study, we learned that nearly half of all new teachers come from the bottom third of high school graduates (based on SAT scores) and we are losing teachers quickly. Annually, 13% of teachers leave the classroom and nearly 50% leave after five years. I believe there are three major problems that need to be addressed…The good news is that policymakers are finally catching up to the research and recognizing that teachers are the most important asset in any school. We are starting to see some innovative practices being implemented in districts and states across the country.”(more)

These states might forgive some of your student debt

The Washington Post – Danielle Douglas-Gabriel

“Any college graduate with student debt can tell you that the first years out of school can be the toughest. Trying to cover rent, utilities, transportation and food on an entry-level salary is hard enough, but once you add loan payments to the mix, it can be overwhelming. To alleviate some of that frustration, New York is offering to cover up to two years of student loan payments for recent college graduates living in the state…While New York is unique in targeting lower-income graduates from any field, it is not the only state with a student loan forgiveness plan. In fact, 45 states and the District of Columbia have programs that will wipe away some college debt for residents, according to the College Investor, a personal finance website for millennials.”(more)

Majority of UK, US Millennial Parents Saving for Kids’ Education

Education News – Grace Smith

Almost two-thirds of UK parents surveyed by the British Bankers’ Association (BBA) put money in an account for their children, and around half of the parents who were saving for their kids started the nest egg when their first babies were born, reports The Scotsman…In the US, 74% of parents from 30 to 34 have started putting money aside for college. A new poll found that Millennial parents are significantly more likely than the generation before them to save for their children’s higher education, and a larger number want to be able to pay everything for their children’s college education. Parents may not be able to to do this, however, based on the comparatively small amounts most have been able to stow away so far…”(more)