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TEACHER VOICE: It’s tough to prepare children for kindergarten if parents and teachers don’t collaborate

The Hechinger Report – Nicole Spinks

“When parents and teachers and parents work together, children arrive at school ready for kindergarten. I have spent the past ten years teaching at in the heart of the Mississippi Delta, in Boyle, Mississippi, the most recent four of those years teaching kindergarten for 5-year-olds at Bell Academy. Nearly one-third of the population of Boyle lives below the poverty line, as do more than 40 percent of those who are under 18 years old. Bell Academy serves 326 children in grades pre-K through sixth grade.”(more)

Child Care Crisis: State’s weak oversight puts children in harm’s way in Mississippi

The Hechinger Report – Sarah Butrymowicz and Jackie Mader

“Mississippi’s weakly regulated child care system often perpetuates dangerous conditions for babies and young children by failing to hold centers to minimum standards or help them improve, a review of public records by The Clarion Ledger and The Hechinger Report found. Interviews with workers at 30 centers and a review of 393 inspection reports and 79 complaint investigations from centers in central Mississippi reveal that regulations are inconsistently enforced, assistance for centers is often minimal and punishments don’t always lead to better conditions for children. The complaints included allegations that children were hit by workers, sexually assaulted by other children or sent to the hospital after being injured. The investigations that followed were often superficial, according to documents filed from February 2013 to December 2014, obtained under the state’s Public Records Act from the Department of Health’s Division of Child Care Licensure.”(more)

Financial literacy and the third grade reading gate

The Mississippi Business Journal – Staff Writer

“During the 2014/2015 school year, the Mississippi Council on Economic Education (MCEE) partnered with America Reads – Mississippi (ARM) to deliver a program called Never Too Young: Personal Finance for Young Learners (NTY) to elementary school students in Mississippi. This partnership arose from a networking event where I met Ronjanett Taylor, State Program Director of ARM and funding received by MCEE from the Dollar General Literacy Foundation to use lessons in financial literacy to teach reading. This partnership was an example of true collaboration and the staff with ARM were fabulous team members. ARM is a national service AmeriCorps program that addresses the issue area of education. ARM AmeriCorps members strive daily to achieve the mission and meet the Program Performance Measures of America Reads – Mississippi by tutoring primarily K – 3rd grade students in reading during the school day and in some afterschool programs. The ARM state staff is a part of the Office of Academic and Student Affairs at the Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning. It is the largest AmeriCorps program in Mississippi and is in the operation of its 15th program year.”(more)

New Education Plans, Ambitious Goals for Mississippi

Education News – Kristin Decarr

“The Mississippi Board of Education has released a new five-year plan for the coming year that includes a number of ambitious goals including seeing that all high school students in the state graduate. A previous version of the plan called for the state’s graduation rate to increase to 83%. Last year 75% of students in the state graduated within four years…Instead of asking that 60% of students are proficient or higher by 2016, the goal has been changed to see that all students in the state are proficient or higher on every state test…Other goals include offering high quality access to preschool programs to every child in the state, as well as stocking every school with effective teachers…”(more)