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Namibia: Education Needs a Strong Foundation – Staff Writer

“The Minister of Basic Education, Arts and Culture, Katrina Hanse-Himarwa, says she is conscious of the fact that good results at secondary level can only be attained if a solid foundation is laid in early childhood development. Hanse-Himarwa, who was speaking at a familiarisation meeting in Oshana on Wednesday, implored teachers and the education fraternity to strengthen the country’s educational base. “There is no way else we can expect good results at the top if we do not put emphasis on early childhood development and primary education…These two should not be neglected because they are at the lower level.””(more)

Namibia: Higher Education Deserves More Focus – Robert Araeb

“AS a proud Namibian, I am pleased to live in a country where education is a fundamental right that is entrenched in our Constitution…It is not surprising, and correctly so, that the bulk of our country’s educational spend is directed at primary and secondary education level…In order to develop a skilled nation, we need to also invest our energy and significantly increase our focus on tertiary education. The capacity of tertiary institutions should be enhanced and the barriers of entry to tertiary education should be removed. This responsibility lies with individual citizens, families, private sector, government as well as the tertiary institutions themselves. Such institutions have a vital role to play in turning Namibia into a nation of skilled champions.” (more)

Namibia: Rethinking Indigenous Education – Wongani Grace Nkhoma

“The statistics relating to San children in Namibia and education are shocking. Only 67 percent of San children in the country enrol in school. And only 1 percent of those children complete secondary school. Think about that for a second. And then add the fact that none of them make it to university. These statistics…raise a very important question for those providing education services and working in the education sector, where are we getting it so wrong?” (more)

Namibia: No Big Change in Grade 12 Results

All Africa – Christof Maletsky

“AT least 3 640 of the 17 255 full-time students who wrote the Namibia Senior Secondary Certificate (NSSC) exams last year have qualified for admission to the Polytechnic of Namibia and the University of Namibia.”(more)