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Recess: How the heck do you approach Columbus Day?

The 74 Million – Roger Riddell

“As the old rhyme begins, “In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue.” What follows, however, has become a source of controversy in recent years as more consideration is given to the impact of the Spaniard’s exploration on the indigenous peoples of the Americas. One major point of contention at the heart of the debate: Columbus is often credited with “discovering” America when that accolade clearly belongs to the people who crossed over from Asia thousands of years earlier. Columbus wasn’t even the first European to find North America, as archaeological evidence has placed the Vikings on the continent a few hundred years prior.”(more)

White House Conference Offers Improvements to Native Education

Education News – Grace Smith

“Native American students have largely been in underperforming schools for decades. Their school system is heavily bureaucratic with several federal agencies sharing responsibility for various elements of their education…indigenous children are the weakest academic performers and have the lowest graduation rates of any student subgroup. Last year, the national average graduation rate was 80%, while American Indian students’ average was just 67%. Also many of their facilities are just as neglected as academics, with some buildings even missing essential necessities like running water and heat.”(more)

Increasing Education Opportunities For Minorities In STEM

Forbes – Maria Klawe

“African-American, Latino and Native American students still lag far behind their white and Asian counterparts in terms of participation in math, science and engineering fields. While these underrepresented groups have made some modest gains over the last several decades, their progress has been extremely slow. Worse, over the last decade African Americans’ progress in attaining bachelor’s degrees in engineering, mathematics, computer science and physics has stalled or even reversed. Increasing diversity in STEM presents a number of challenges.”(more)